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Taking time to knit

I’ve really been enjoying my knitting time in the evenings, partially because I’ve been pairing it with yummy beverages and snacks.

The other night after cooking a fairly elaborate dinner and washing a whole bunch of dishes, I ventured out in the rain to Trader Joe’s where it is rumored that they sell vegan marshmallows. That rumor is true! Back at home I made some peppermint hot chocolate with the recently procured marshmallows and settled in for some colorwork knitting.


On that same shopping trip I picked up some crumpets – the official snack of the Indie Gift-A-Long. I’m not sure why that is, but the chat thread is full of people talking about crumpets. So the next evening I made myself crumpets with lemon curd and my favorite coconut black tea in preparation for starting a mini Cloudhopper hat for Clara (so I can get that Viola hat back that she took at Thanksgiving!)


I could get used to this evening knitting and snack time.

New Vanilla Sock Patterns

I’ve been powering through some pattern layouts, and I have a collection of vanilla sock patterns that have just been released.

Double Vanilla is a pair of plain sock patterns – one toe-up and one cuff down – in three sizes with several heel and toe options.

The Fluevog Effect is the pattern I designed for an event at the Portland Fluevog store, and features Three Fates Yarns half skeins in colors designed for the event.


October Rust is a toe-up striped sock knit with approximately 50g of the main color and 4 10g miniskeins. It would also be a great way to use up sock leftovers!


And, if you want all three, they can be purchased on Ravelry as a group for $9. This applies to previous purchases as well – if you already bought one the discount will apply to the other patterns if purchased in the future.

FO Friday #13 – Make Waffles

I’ve been bitten by the Indie Gift-A-Long bug! That combined with a request from my aunt for a cowl with buttons led me to knit Make Waffles. The pattern is a simple textured cowl in a bulky weight yarn. It went shockingly fast for a girl who generally knits socks on size 1 needles. (I used size 9 needles – can you believe it?!)


The yarn is Malabrigo Mecha, and it was really delightful to work with. It makes me want a bulky cowl of my very own, maybe with cables! It took me a few days to find the buttons, but I did and now it’s ready for gifting after a quick blocking.

Cranking out FOs in heavier weight yarns is much easier. 😉 Stay tuned for next week, when I hope to have another project to share.

FO Friday #12 – Viola

Well, luckily I cranked out another FO in time for FO Friday this week! It’s the Indie Design Gift-A-Long, and when I heard my lovely friend Noriko was also participating, I decided to knit one of her patterns.  This is the Viola hat, which I finished on Thanksgiving at the beach!

As I sat on the couch knitting, my 2 year old niece, Clara, came up and declared “Hat!” I looked at my mom, surprised, and said “Actually, I am knitting a hat!”

… And then I remembered. Last time I saw Clara, my sister told her I was going to knit her a hat. And I had one planned, but not this one. This one was supposed to be for me.


But I had a cute and willing model. 😉 Of course, the hat somehow went home with her instead of with me, but I think we can remedy that with a hat trade soon.

Also, is it sad that a hat knit for me fits a 2 year old? I guess I do have a small head!

FO Friday #11 – WitchyWeen 2016

Earlier in October, I decided that I should make some Halloween socks with some Vesper striping yarn from deep stash, and so I did. I got a lot of comments about how bright they are.


And with that, we’ve run out of pre-knit projects for FO Friday. I’ll need to be cranking them out if we’re going to have any more this year…

FO Friday #10 – Das Paar Socks

One of the bonuses to working in a yarn store is that I get to knit samples. Sometimes this gives me a chance to knit with a yarn that I might not buy, like this pair of socks knit in Das Paar:


Personally, I’m not a huge fan of self-patterning yarn. I love stripes, but the faux Fair Isle isn’t really my thing. Plus, I have tons of sock yarn that needs to be knit into plain socks. So it was fun to knit these for the store. And, since I don’t have to wear them, I could use a short row heel!


The concept is similar to the Regia Pairfect yarn I shared earlier, though this yarn comes in two separate skeins instead of using a contrasting “leader” like Pairfect. Once again I was a bit disappointed that the matching was not 100% exact, (yes, I know I have unreasonable standards!) but it was very close.

FO Friday #9 – Color Play Cowl

Another project I knit at Bad Woman this year was the Color Play cowl. This is a kit from Baah! Yarn, the Lucky 7 kit. However, I only used 6 of the skeins because I couldn’t make all of the colors work in a way that I liked.


Because I’m me, I also counted the rows knit in each color to make sure all the stripes were exactly the same size. 😉


It was an easy knit, but fun. I like the stripe sequence too! If I was knitting it for myself, I’d probably make it a little narrower and use fewer colors, since the resulting cowl is quite large.

Diamondy Re-Release!

I’ve been thinking for a while that my Diamondy pattern, which was my first, was due for an update. And now it’s ready!

Dani from Sunshine Yarns was kind enough to provide me with a current yarn base to re-knit the sample, as the yarn used for the original socks has been discontinued.

Combine that with new photos by the amazing Heidi Shank and an expanded size range, and you practically have a whole new pattern! It’s also now in a layout consistent with my other patterns and has an updated chart.

The new pattern is available free on Ravelry now, go check it out! (click the link in the first line of the post)

FO Friday #8 – 2016 Birthday Socks

I have developed a little birthday tradition – knitting socks for myself in Trekking XXL. I cast on each year on my birthday with one of my coveted skeins made up of different colored plies – they seem to have stopped making colors like these – and finish them sometime later.


A couple years ago I went and bought up a bunch of skeins off of Ravelry destashes, so hopefully I can keep this tradition going for a while yet.


Nice simple socks like these tend to become my purse project. This pair accompanied me to many of my knitting groups and other knitting opportunities away from home. They even got to hang out with my knitting student’s first sock ever!


They sampled Tim Tams at Friday movie & knitting night.


And eventually, they were finished. And photographed to test out some sock leg mannequin + light box options.


FO Friday #7 – Mitt Envy

This pattern has been in my Ravelry queue since Ravelry began. The designer is someone I knew online through the knittyboard back in the day, and who doesn’t want a cute pair of fingering weight fingerless mitts? Yet somehow it took me this long to knit them (and even then, they were a gift).


I knit this pair in Wollmeise Twin as part of a Ravelry swap, and they turned out really well! I should probably make another pair for myself. They were so fast I didn’t even get a WIP photo!