I started the Candy Corn socks intending to finish them to wear on Halloween.

Well, two things happened – they didn’t stripe which made them less candy corn-ish to me, and then I had a lot of other knitting to do. Actually three things, because I got sick over Halloween and only wore my PJs.

But while I was visiting Boston I saw my friend Cathy and she likes bright cheery colors and said she would take the socks off my hands. Because I am not a fan of yellow or orange (or white really!) if it’s not candy corn.

candy corn socks

Yarn: Candy Corn from Macek Designs
Started: 9/5/09
Finished: 11/20/09

You can see a little candy corn-like triangle at the heel turn…

My dreams of candy corn striped socks continue, and I picked up some of the Yarntini candy corn striping yarn. Maybe next year!