My friend Erin tagged me to participate in this blog hop. It may be a first for me, though I vaguely recall that I may have done one years ago. In any case, here goes!

Sorry, this post should have gone up on Monday, but I was out of town and I didn’t do the scheduled publishing right. I’m still getting the hang of WordPress.

1) what am I working on?

I am always working on so many things, both designs and other knitting projects. Currently I’m working on putting the final touches on a sock book, and finishing up a cowl pattern I’m planning to release soon.


I’m also working on a new sock design in some special Three Fates Yarns for the Fluevog event in October.


Plus a nearly uncountable number of WIPs, whew!

2) How does my work differ from others its genre?

The way I look at my design work, I have two categories of patterns: 1. Patterns that are easy to knit. 2. Patterns that are more difficult to knit but look really complicated.

I have very little patience for fiddly things that don’t look super complicated. I will work crazy twisted stitch cable charts, which aren’t really hard but definitely require attention, if they come out looking really impressive – like my Jera socks:


The rest of the time, I like TV knitting. Granted I’m pretty good at knitting without looking much now, so TV knitting can be a little more complex than plain stockinette.

3) Why do I write/create what I do?

I started “designing” by modifying existing patterns to fit my small but strange feet. My feet are very tall (high instep) and this continues down almost to my toes, making it hard to find shoes that fit and making a gusset on my socks required! Even commercial short row heels don’t fit my feet well. But, my feet are also short in length and fairly small all around, making it necessary to modify many sock patterns.

After my first sock trio (I knit one that was way too huge, then found a pattern to knit them smaller) I started getting a better idea of what size I needed my socks to be, and modifying patterns accordingly. Then I started adding small design elements to mostly plain socks, like (Black)hearted:


Now I design mostly because cool sock ideas pop into my head. That, and I really love seeing people knit my patterns!

4) How does my writing/creative process work?

This is always a hard question for me to answer, because it really depends. Sometimes I just have ideas that pop into my head basically fully-formed – Diverged was one of those. Sometimes I try to find or create stitch patterns for a certain feeling or theme, like my rune patterns. And sometimes I just swatch until I find something I like.

No matter where the inspiration comes from, I usually write a nearly complete pattern before starting to knit. Then I start making the first sample and adjust my knitted pattern as I go along, sometimes ripping out and changing aspects of it.

Thanks to Erin for tagging me for the blog hop! I’m tagging Cory of indie.knits, one of my local designing and knitting friends. Her post will go up next Monday, and I’m sure she’ll be on time since she’s likely better at scheduling posts than I am!