There’s some knitting at the end if you’re patient.

There’s a contest over at KitKatKnit to measure your cat’s “bunny thumper” – the back leg from backwards knee to longest toe. Since my cats are pretty tolerant I figured it wouldn’t be such a difficult task, and after a bit of bribery it wasn’t!

Java measures about 5.25″

A more in focus Pan measures at just over 5.5″. He shifted a bit before the picture was taken so the ruler wasn’t quite lined up.

Afterwards they enjoyed the fruits of their labor:

And now for the first knitted FO of the year…. I figured since I had the camera out and the bed was freshly haired up… 😉

It’s a sock! Well, sort of. It’s a mini sock with Alpaca Sox. I really enjoyed working the yarn, it’s pretty soft.

Stay tuned for some *actual* sock knitting in the next few days.