I finished a rather large secret project and figured it was the cue to begin one of my phases of frenzied casting on. The truth is, I hate casting on. I’d much rather knit and knit and knit some more, so when I feel like casting on I like to run with it. And run with it I did…

We all know I’ve been waiting years for the Ribby Cardi, and I even swatched already, so I cast on and left it in the “yarn room” by my DVD watching chair. It’s on a cone so I don’t anticipate taking it anywhere. Instead I’ve surrounded it with all my knitting accoutrements and left it in a convenient place to grab while I’m watching Bones on DVD.

Ribby Cardi

Of course that wasn’t enough so on Saturday I headed over to the bead store, bought some beads, and started Ice Queen.

Ice Queen

Ok, not that impressive yet, and I haven’t even started the beading. But a provisional cast on of 156 stitches! I haven’t worked with Kidsilk Haze before, and I’m not sure I’m a fan – I actually really don’t like silk but it belonged to a friend who is allergic to mohair and was up for grabs. I figured I could use it to knit something for a gift and I had just seen the Ice Queen pattern… But it’s kind of like knitting with fuzzy dental floss.

Of course, when starting lots of new projects it’s important to finish older ones to free up needles.

Shooting Stockings

Pattern: Gentleman’s Shooting Stockings from Knitting Vintage Socks
Yarn: Universal Yarns Ditto
Needles: 2.25mm
Started: 11/12/08
Finished: 12/1/08

This is a nice relatively mindless textured pattern. The texture is much more visible in real life than in the picture. I modified the pattern for a 72 st cast on and no calf shaping (because of the shorter cuff) for a woman’s L size.

So if I were sane that would be the end of it, but I’m not so I went on a mission into the garage to try to find that Christmas stocking I was knitting for my mom last year and finish it. The mission was unsuccessful – unfortunately I think I put it “somewhere safe”. I have a tendency to do that with things and then forget where that safe place was. In fact, during the search for the stocking I found some great cherry print fabric I bought to make a sundress with and put “somewhere safe” over a year ago – I’ve been looking for it ever since.

But I think you’ve had enough for one night so we’ll talk about the rest of my new projects another day.