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Branching Out

One of my goals for this year was to try and/or learn different types of crafts. What I said was:

Give my new crafty pursuits some love – I’ve been neglecting spinning and meaning to learn to weave and quilt for ages. I want to try new things in my crafty life this year.

a. Spin at least 2 pounds of fiber
b. Sew a piece of clothing
c. Finish the T-shirt quilt for goodness sake!
d. Learn to warp a loom and weave something
e. Complete an actual pair of socks on the CSM

Well, last weekend I made some progress towards those goals.


I finished the birthday socks. That scarf on the right side is my very first weaving. I learned to warp a loom a couple weeks ago, and that is the result – my first woven scarf! (The fringe still needs to be trimmed.)

On the bottom left is a project bag I sewed at a friend’s house on Monday. That’s what I did right before I left, most of the day was spent working on my first quilt. It is not, in fact, the T-shirt quilt. That one might be a little tricky, so I started with a more traditional quilt.

On Saturday I also went shopping with another friend and picked out the fabric and pattern for my sewn clothing item – a skirt. I’m actually going to be doing The 2015 Outfit Along with Andi of Untangling Knots and Lauren of Lladybird. I’m not doing the featured patterns because I wanted something a little easier for the sewing – I didn’t want to have to deal with fit alterations on a dress, and I figured a skirt would be better for my first sewing project alone. And I already have the yarn ready for Breakwater, so I’m knitting that to go with my skirt!

Now I need to get cracking on my spinning and CSM socks goals. Maybe I’ll do Tour de Fleece. 😉

WIP Wednesday #17 – BFF Cowl

On March 9, 2013, I started the BFF Cowl as part of a swap. I knit half of the cowl (finished on March 12) for my partner:


And my partner knit the same half of the cowl for me, in a different color:


She also sent me some yarn and stitch markers.

The rest of the project is to knit the other portion of the cowl for myself and graft the two pieces together. I need to find the yarn and do it, preferably before next winter begins! I also need to figure out where I hid the part of the cowl my partner knit.

Verdict: Finish it, if I can find the yarn and finished half.

The Purlygirls Retreat

Each year, my knitting group heads out to Port Townsend for a low-key weekend of knitting and wandering around the town. A walk on the beach is usually a part of the weekend as well.

On the way there we stop at The Artful Ewe in Port Gamble, then head into Port Townsend where we have lunch at the Public House. This is one of my favorite parts because they have vegetarian poutine! Then we checked into our house at Fort Warden and spent the evening knitting.

The next day was my birthday, and I was lucky enough to get to spend it with my lovey knitting friends. We went out for breakfast and I had a really yummy rhubarb waffle! That night we went out to Sweet Laurette’s, a nice little French restaurant. I had a beautiful dinner of grilled veggies and lentils, and finished it off with a chocolate cake. Plus everyone sang to me in the restaurant, which is usually embarrassing but was OK because there were only a few other people and one of them was having a birthday too.

On my birthday, I have a tradition of starting a new pair of socks. So I did:


This year I also finished a pair of socks on my birthday!


The pattern is Fork In the Road Socks by Lara Neel. I tried it out because it has a different type of “afterthought” heel (not actually an afterthought since you knit it between the leg and the foot, but whatever). I’m not crazy about the fit, but it does seem like it might be a bit better for my feet than short row heels. We shall see.

After some more knitting, we headed out Sunday for a stop at Churchmouse on Bainbridge Island before returning home. It was a really nice weekend!

On the road again…

Steph and I are heading down to Portland for a girly knitting weekend. We’re already seeing quite a bit of rain, so it seems the weather warnings about 12″ of rain and flooding weren’t kidding!


While she drives, the New Year socks are nearing completion!


Yarnbox Socks!

Back in December I got an email from Hannah at Yarnbox asking if they could use one of my patterns for the very first Yarnbox Socks. They had a dyer back out and there wasn’t time for the selected designer to design a new pair for the new yarn, so they decided to use Intercalate. Hannah started knitting up a sample in their chosen yarn, Koigu KPM.

intercalate yarnbox

Looking at the beautiful color selections, I can’t wait to see people get their boxes and start knitting up their socks! Following the KAL and seeing new projects pop up will be a lot of fun!

Later this year, I’ll be designing a custom pattern for them for a different yarn.

WIP Wednesday #2 – Ice Queen

The poor ill-fated Ice Queen was started on November 29, 2008.


Unlike Hush Hush, I really have no idea what possessed me to start this project. The yarn is Kidsilk Haze, and I hate silk. The color is really not me. The pattern, though lovely, is not my style. I can only imagine I meant it to be a gift.

Then, a few inches in, disaster struck when I made a mistake. I had heard that Kidsilk Haze was nearly impossible to frog, and I couldn’t be happy with a mistake in the lace pattern. Plus, there were the beads! At that point the project was abandoned, probably only days after it had been started.

There really wasn’t a question about what to do with this one.

Verdict: Frogged.


It turns out Kidsilk Haze really isn’t that hard to frog after all.

A Yarny Field Trip

On Friday I met up with my friend Steph for a yarny field trip. She has a brand new blog, by the way. She also took all of these pictures, since I was my usual self and didn’t take any.


We used the end of our holiday break to head out to Tolt. Before we went she asked me what I wanted to get, and I told her that I actually just wanted to go look. You would think, since I work at a yarn store, that I would be tired of spending time at yarn stores, but that just isn’t true. One of my favorite things about Tolt is their space, and this light in particular.


I found this knitted apple, and just had to strike a Twilight pose.


And I found some exciting yarn, too!


I did end up getting the Intrepid Otter in my right hand, but not the Insouciant in my left. No matter how hard I wished, I couldn’t turn the brown Jacob into grey. But it was really lovely stuff, I’m almost regretting it now!

Happy New Year!

2014 was a pretty productive year for knitting!


I finished 41 projects, 36 are pictured above. (There were two identical blankets and a few more blanket squares for swaps.)

The Last Socks of the Year


The Rhinebeck Socks are done! With this last project of the year, the WIP count is down to 28.

Now it’s about time to ring in the new year with some sparkling cider.

Happy New Year!

Furniture, Not Knitting

Tonight most of my knitting time was taken up by setting up my new TV stand and desk and moving my computer. On Sunday I went to IKEA and bought a TV stand since my TV was precariously perched on top of my DVD player which was on top of the cable box on a little table narrower than the TV. Unfortunately my TV is very small by modern standards, so it was a bit tricky to find a stand small enough.

Then a friend was getting rid of a desk which is much larger and nicer than my desk was, and since I switched from a laptop to a desktop a while back, I thought it would be nice to upgrade my desk. So tonight after work I assembled furniture and moved my computer to my new desk. The living room “craft” area now has the loom instead of my computer, and my new desk is in my bedroom. The only problem here is that the router and cable hookup are in the living room, and my computer is in the bedroom and doesn’t get WIFI. But an $8 dongle will solve that issue, so soon we’ll be all set. Until then, I’m blogging from my iPad.

The socks are continuing, and I’m still hoping to get the Space Monkeys and Rhinebeck socks finished before midnight tomorrow. Wish me luck! I have a feeling work might get in the way a bit.