In the wee hours of the morning, Sarah bested me in Sock Madness. (Congrats!)

The Thursday night pattern release wasn’t great for me, what with work and all, but the real tragedy was getting my knitting locked into a friend’s apartment for a bit last night. I started on Thursday night and made it to just before the heel flaps and planned on making short work of them on Friday night. When I was about to kitchener the toes I refreshed the Flickr group and saw that my opponent had just posted her photo, so I ripped back to modify the toe shaping. :)

Because of the nature of the contest everyone has to knit the socks exactly according to pattern, but this gives me an opportunity to change them for me.

Although I have an unhealthy desire for competition, it’s probably for the better. Now I can focus on WIPs and moving and such – and I can even blame my failure on
Catherine for forgetting her keys. 😛

OK, so I don’t really blame you, knitting buddy.

And so this post isn’t totally boring and devoid of pictures, here’s the last package I got from Scout’s Swag Club. I didn’t join round two because most of the colors really weren’t me, and I have SO much sock yarn anyway. Of course the last package is my favorite of them all!

Beautiful sock yarn and a pattern from Kate Gilbert.

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