I ran out of WIP Wednesdays right around the time that everything else in my life started getting crazy. I started a new job, I found out that I would be moving…


But the real problem was that I didn’t know what to write about. I have a lot of top secret knitting going on currently, and I’m a little stumped trying to figure out what I can tell all of you about. I have a couple things up my sleeve for the near future, but I thought it would be a good idea to just ask.

So, what do you want to read about? Do you have questions for me? Requests?

Let me know and I’ll try to write what you want to see.

P.S. That knitting above? That’s my current project at Bad Woman Yarn, the LYS where I work. I’ve been knitting it for far too long, and each week I think maybe the next week I’ll finish it. I think it’s really getting close now! (Grrr… laceweight.)