The other day it dawned on me…

I am an EKT. You know, like an EMT, but for knitting.

First there’s a call “Help me! I have a knitting emergency!”

Then I fire up my yarnbulance – WEEEE ooooo WEEEE ooooo WEEEE – and I arrive at the scene.

You’ve been meaning to finish this Christmas stocking for your child for the past 7 years but you only have half a snowman and messed up the heel?


No problem!

Something happened during the bind off and you dropped a bunch of stitches?


Here you go, ready to bind off again!

Oh, you say your unicorn has a cold neck?


I can help you with that too!

I’m just happy I can provide this kind of service to the knitters (and some non-knitters) of Seattle.