I didn’t do much holiday knitting this year. Mostly because I didn’t really think about it and then there just wasn’t time, but also because I was busy finishing something.


Pattern: a highly modified version of the Holiday Stocking (which appears to be the same as the Scandinavian Stocking which is found in a book) by Donna Kay
Yarn: Jamieson Shetland Spindrift
Started: 11/29?/07
Finished: 12/23/09

I started this a couple of years ago for my mom, and foolishly decided to modify it to have snowflakes instead of the… holly? presents with bows?… on the original. I decided if I couldn’t tell what the motif was supposed to be, it should probably be something else. And I really like the snowflakes except they’re almost all different so knitting them was an exercise in staring at a chart in a quiet room.

Also the purl-bump checkerboard pattern on the cuff and heel was horrible to knit. I also modified the heel to be a normal sock heel since the pattern has some weird square thing with decreases. No thanks!

Well, the stocking was well received and I’m very relieved to finally have it done. It turned out great but I think that’s the last time I knit something like that!

Another (nearly) finished object is the knitting area in my living room.


Currently it’s mostly occupied by my handknit sock laundry (which I thought might be interesting to some of you – can you spot any socks you recognize?), but soon that will be moved away and when I obtain a chair it will be a great place for spinning or knitting.