Well, luckily I cranked out another FO in time for FO Friday this week! It’s the Indie Design Gift-A-Long, and when I heard my lovely friend Noriko was also participating, I decided to knit one of her patterns.  This is the Viola hat, which I finished on Thanksgiving at the beach!

As I sat on the couch knitting, my 2 year old niece, Clara, came up and declared “Hat!” I looked at my mom, surprised, and said “Actually, I am knitting a hat!”

… And then I remembered. Last time I saw Clara, my sister told her I was going to knit her a hat. And I had one planned, but not this one. This one was supposed to be for me.


But I had a cute and willing model. 😉 Of course, the hat somehow went home with her instead of with me, but I think we can remedy that with a hat trade soon.

Also, is it sad that a hat knit for me fits a 2 year old? I guess I do have a small head!