I have finished an epic WIP, Girasole, but I don’t have decent pictures yet. A full post about it will come when it’s blocked, but for now, here’s a teaser:


Now, as for the title of today’s post… I’m going to whine a bit.

I was so very excited for the Kollage Square Circular needles to come out in sock sizes with cables that weren’t a string. I love knitting magic loop, but the original cable was *so* flexible (really basically a string) that I never bought any after trying a friend’s needles.

Well, after preordering and waiting for a backorder I finally got my needles – a pair each of 40″ circular needles in 2.25 and 2.5mm. I enjoyed working with them, but the 2.25mm needle had a weird join – the metal was crimped out a bit at the join and snagged the yarn. I emailed Kollage, and they were very nice about replacing my needle.

Last night I opened up the replacement 2.25mm needle and started a pair of socks – the join is fine. :) Then when cleaning my desk I picked up some socks on the old needle, which I had stopped working on because of the annoying join, and the cable fell out of the needle when I picked them up. Hrm… probably because of the wonky join.

Well, apparently not because as I was working on the pair of socks from last night on the new needle, the cable popped out on that one too! Keep in mind I’ve only used these needles for about 1 hour last night, and maybe 15 minutes this morning before the join broke.

Guess it’s time to get the super glue.