I am very lucky to have a knitting buddy like MJ, even if she is just an “online person”. A while back she started off “twin socks” by sending me two skeins of Shi Bui in a lovely turquoise that she also has and saying that we should make twin socks out of them. Then I sent her a skein of Socks That Rock, and then in the past couple of days the twin socks have been upped to four pairs by her sending me some Smooshy Sock in Wisterious and me sending her some Soft Sea Wool for her birthday. (Which is today and she released the most awesome hat pattern that I’m already knitting so look here for Claudia.)

Two of four future twin socks basking in the morning sunlight:

I think we’ve finally made a decision on the first pair of twin socks – Bayerische in the Smooshy Sock pictured above. Right MJ?