Way back in March, right before moving away from Salem, I started making twin Horcrux Socks with Eloise in our Harry Potter Draco yarn from our mini yarn crawl to Twisted. And today I finally finished them!


Pattern: Horcrux Socks
Yarn: Opal Harry Potter in Draco
Started: 3/1/09
Finished: 7/4/09
.26 miles for a total of 2.29 in Sock Marathon

Although the Harry Potter yarns are an exciting idea, I didn’t really like most of the colors. But blues and greys, though a bit boring, aren’t bad. One weird thing was that after my psycho efforts to match the stripes exactly, they get all wonky after the heel. But there wasn’t a knot! Just all of a sudden the order of the stripes changed! Strange but true.

So I’ve joined Summer of Socks, because it’s summer and I’m planning to knit socks as I usually do. I’ve decided that my first goal will be to finish all my sock-WIPs this summer, this is 1 of 9 1/2.

Listening to: Kimdracula ~ Deftones, Evil In a Closet ~ In Flames