The Nutkin sock pattern was mentioned as being a quick one on the Yarn Harlot’s blog, so I decided to have a look. It’s a lovely pattern, and the color pictured reminded me of a skein of Tiny Toes I had hanging around, so voila! a gift was born.


Pattern: Nutkin
Yarn: Interlacements Tiny Toes
Needles: 2.5mm
Started: 1/20/09
Finished: 1/27/09


The yarn is very nice stuff – knotted in the center of the 100g skein so it winds into two balls, which I’m beginning to enjoy. It’s a soft any springy 2-ply with a fairly tight twist – kind of similar to Socks That Rock but less… shiny if that makes any sense. I think it’s the looser twist and fluffiness that does that. I really have no complaints about this yarn other than the fact that there were occasional fuzzballs (little bits of fluff that make a spot in the yarn thicker and more fuzzy) attached to the yarn, but they were pretty easy to remove so it wasn’t really an issue.

As for the pattern… well I just can’t leave these things alone. It is a very nice pattern, and the fact that I have certain personal obsessive tendencies is not a criticism of the original pattern at all – just to be clear. I knit these socks more or less as written – I started with ribbing to avoid the picot edge since they’re a gift and I don’t have accurate leg measurements, and I knit my usual heel and toe so I’m not sure that they’re the same as the pattern. However, while I was knitting I kept thinking of things I could change…

The socks bias slightly due to the decreases that form the pattern all going in the same direction – it’s not a problem and was mostly gone after blocking. Perhaps they’ll swirl a bit when worn, but that’s ok. But combine this fact with my love of mirrored symmetry? I’m going to have to make another pair of Nutkin-inspired socks for myself with a mirrored mod on the swirls and a couple other changes… I had a thought about the toe shaping as well but I haven’t crunched the numbers in my head yet.

What’s next? Well, lots of things. But MJ and I have started a new pair of twin socks – Diamondy in Socks That Rock colorway Space Dust. The first year at BMFA sock camp my nickname was Space Dust, so of course I had to buy a skien although it’s not my usual colors. Even though I designed Diamondy over a year ago, the original socks were a gift so I still don’t have my very own pair. But if MJ’s progress is any indication, I will soon!

And one last thought:

Last week I read on the knittyBlog about “slow stashing”. It’s certainly not a new idea, in fact I’ve been following a slightly more structured version since sometime in 2007. In summary, what is described there is not a dead stop to yarn buying, but an approach to carefully consider each skein purchased. In my case it’s a plan to decrease the stash by using more yarn than I acquire. Similar to an actual food diet – I use or destash more grams of yarn than I bring in and my stash, slowly but surely, loses weight. I think it’s more reasonable than declaring that I’ll stop buying yarn entirely – that’s unlikely. 😉

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