I knew it was time to blog when MJ asked “What, are you turning into me?” 😉

Yes, it is true. I haven’t posted in almost an MJ-long time. First there was sock camp… for almost a whole week of 24/7 knitting-related vacation you would think I would have gotten more knitting in.

And I had a birthday…


At work I got a birthday fritter! (There are many reasons I love my job, and this is only one of them!) My family stopped by to say hi too, and then went to my apartment.

birthday cakes

I came home to find these adorable star cakes and some balloons! It was a very nice birthday.

And then there has been secret (test and gift) knitting which I can’t show, and I haven’t finished anything. Well, that’s sort of a lie. I did finish the lacy alpaca silk scarf that I was knitting at work, but it hasn’t been blocked yet and it’s for a store sample anyway.

Speaking of work, we are having a big sale this weekend so it’s been pretty crazy. But it’s still really fun. I’m just trying to restrain myself around all that yarn!

Listening to: Rusted Wheel ~ Silversun Pickups