On Friday Rachel and I headed to her parents’ house in CT and had a little multi-crafting evening. I was finishing up my Rhinebeck sweater and she was sewing a lining for her entrelac bag.

However as the evening progressed and we checked the weather it became very clear that I wouldn’t be able to wear my sweater at Rhinebeck – it was going to be way too hot. Since I didn’t want a repeat of the stressed finishing of Rogue and it’s subsequent day in the trunk, I decided to give up early and knit some socks instead. Although Friday was a day of horrible pouring rain, Saturday dawned bright, sunny, and warm as promised.

Surprisingly I restrained myself quite well at Rhinebeck. Maybe it’s coming back as a third year veteran, maybe it was the pre-Rhinebeck yarn dieting, but I only left with four pairs worth of sock yarn:

Well, there was one other big purchase:

I know it doesn’t *look* big, but when I get my processed fleece back it sure will be! The lovely Sarah was nice enough to help me pick out a fleece (and listen to my incessant questions while I double- and triple-checked that it was a good one) and helped me pick out a beautiful colored Romney.

Actually the first fleece I looked at was a lovely CVM but it was more than I wanted both pound and price wise, so I traded in for a white Romney. Then I spent about 10 minutes in line discussing with Tania plans to buy a pound of her colored fleece so I could have it blended with mine to make it a bit heathery and finally the nice woman behind us offered this colored Romney to me. She had a few fleeces and said that if one of us wanted we could have it. I jumped at the chance and bought it, and I’m so excited to get my first fleece back. :)