Tonight I headed out to watch some tattooing in progress.

I brought my needles:

and watched another needle:

I actually got an amazing amount of knitting done – I finished a couple of repeats on the cuffs of my socks and did the whole heel flaps and turns! The knitting is pretty secret around here lately, but it’s definitely happening.

I was tagged by Cassandra for the what crafts do you love/like/etc. meme, so here goes:

4. Love it! This is my thing.

* Knitting
* Spinning
* Dyeing
* Candle Making

3. I do or have dabbled in it.

* Crochet
* Cross-stitch
* Needlepoint
* Sewing
* Scrap Booking
* Stamping
* Beading
* Jewelry Making
* Paper Making
* Gardening
* Story Telling, Acting, Stage work
* Video / Film Making
* Music
* Other fun stuff
* Painting or Drawing
* Calligraphy
* Cooking
* Flower Arranging
* Gift Wrapping
* Writing
* Poetry
* Photography
* Decorating
* Graphic Design
* Inventing

2. Would love to try it.

* Quilting

1. I have no interest; complete lack of creativity in this area.

* Macramé
* Shibori (actually I don’t know what shibori is and I’m too lazy to look it up)
* Cartooning
* Doll or Toy Making
* Entertaining

As you can probably tell, I’m a dabbler. I’ve tried many different types of crafts and I enjoy many of them too. And some of them I’m no good at (say, drawing and painting) but I like anyway. Some I would love to do more of but I just don’t have enough time for that many hobbies!

And I don’t tag, so I won’t, but do it if you’d like to.