Saturday was WWKIP day. Since this post is a bit late I’m sure you all already know about it. I was working so I couldn’t attend the Boston gathering, but I managed to KIP on my way there and back – it ended up being great for my trip home which was complicated by some sort of subway issues.

Quite a bit of knitting is being done but nothing is getting finished. And some of it isn’t blogable at the moment, but these socks are:

I can’t believe how many comments I’ve been getting on them! The yarn is ONline Supersocke Savanne, and the colors are very nice. The stitch pattern is from Knitting Vintage Socks – the Ringwood socks in the book are mens’ half-hose, so I just made a regular sock size with the stitch pattern.

Yesterday I finished the gusset and have about 2 inches left to go before starting the toe. Hopefully I’ll finish up this week.