Last night I was finishing up a pair of Monkeys (more on that later) while watching Frasier when I saw this:


Yep, that guy is “knitting” what appear to be crocheted granny squares. One would think that someone doing the show knew how to knit, because at one point the man is making fairly realistic knitting motions… but then again maybe not.

I posted something about this (but no picture) on Plurk and got a response from Aesox about a Jockey ad with a spinning wheel churning out knitting. The picture is a bit hard to see – it’s possible it’s just really thick yarn and someone jammed a cake of it on a spinning wheel, but it’s hard to say.


These Jockey girls do a lot of things in their underwear, including riding horses. 😮

I’m sure there are many other examples of failed representations of fiber arts – in fact I know I saw one a while ago with a ball of yarn tangled around some needles of someone who was supposedly “knitting”.

In any case, back to those socks…


Pattern: Monkey by Cookie A
Yarn: Dream In Color Smooshy in Night Watch
Started: 11/23/09
Finished: 12/5/09

These originally started as the Hedgerow Socks, but it seemed like a lot of ribbing for not a lot of pretty. The pattern was just so plain, and it hurt my hands to be changing from knit to purl so much. I decided to go back to one of my old standbys – Monkey is such an easy pattern to knit. The pattern is easy to memorize and it’s also easy to tell where you are in the pattern by looking at the stitches. Plus it’s minimal work for what I think are very pretty socks.