A few weeks ago while working at Bad Woman Yarn, I had the chance to peruse some old knitting pattern books. One of them was Beehive for Bairns, which I just found is actually available online via Project Gutenberg here! They don’t have a publication date, nor did the book itself, but I’m guessing sometime in the 40s.

While looking for something to knit for my niece, I came across the Girl’s Flared Coat (B in the picture here) and thought it would be cute. It also happens to go up to a size 2, which is just right for my niece right now. So I embarked on this project in some nice charcoal grey yarn (coincidentally it’s Berroco Vintage).


Unfortunately, grey sweater pieces do not make the most interesting projects to photograph, but I did snap a quick picture while meeting with my knitting group last week.


Sweaters for a person this small are pretty speedy to knit, so I’m hoping to have it finished soon. Then I can ask my sister for super cute modeled pictures!