Knitting progress is being made, though currently on many projects and because of that nothing is getting finished lately.

As you’ve probably noticed I go through phases of finishing and phases of casting on, and another finishing phase is right around the corner. But until then…

I’ve finally started some socks with the Black Bunny Fibers sock yarn that I bought a couple of months back. So far it’s doing the zig-zag pooling thing, but I don’t mind.

Pan makes a good knitting helper.

The pattern is the Eleanor from Socktopia. It was a speed knit-along this weekend, but I totally forgot about it and didn’t realize the pattern was up until Sunday afternoon. Not that it would have helped much, I worked both days this weekend and moved my fish tanks on Sunday morning.

It was sock laundry day today (ignore the ugly tile colors in my bathroom).

That’s not even all the socks, there are a couple of pairs hanging on the towel rack and a couple more on a towel in the living room. Good thing the roommate is gone. 😉

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