As I mentioned in the last post, MJ and I are making Diamondy “twin socks” in Space Dust. It’s not really my colors, but since it was my camp name I had to get some. MJ is knitting way faster than I am, and I feel like the mother of a small child telling myself in my head “This is not a race!” Do you hear that MJ? Twin socks are not a race!


Of course, I’m consoling myself with the fact that, since I’m knitting two at once, I already have the whole horrible 1×1 twisted rib section done. I HATE knitting 1×1 twisted rib, but it is so pretty when it’s done! I couldn’t believe I had put it in this pattern, but I did and so I knit it. I was complaining to MJ on IM too, but really I only have myself to blame.

I also got my first 2009 Rockin’ Sock Club package today. I know there’s a big issue with spoilers, so here’s what I did… I posted the photo to my flickr, but if you go there you wouldn’t see that. To see it you have to click the links below, which is a “guest pass” to the photo, which is marked as private. Hopefully this is a good solution to not spoiling (even accidentally) while still letting people see it if they want to. Let me know if it won’t work or something.

the whole kit

just the yarn

I won’t say anything spoily either, but I will say that I really like this kit and intend to make it soon so more spoiler links may be in order.

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