Today I got another package from my amazing SP, Rockstariel.

Pan showed an interest in my package right away. After I read the card (which my SP designed just for me – featuring pictures of my pets!) I learned this was a “Wild Kingdom” themed package, so for that reason I present the following events as they occurred.

I unwrapped some of the little packages to discover that some of them contained kitty toys! Pan began loving his right away.

Then Java arrived to see what all the fuss was about, and Pan decided that both toys were his.

I opened the package containing stitch markers modeled after my fish! These are just beautiful and simply amazing. They’re from Wee Ones on etsy.

At that point I noticed Java had escaped with one of the toys and taken it down to the floor away from Pan.

I found that my SP had sent a hippo-shaped Kinder biscuit, a cute postcard, the fishy stitch markers, the cat toys, an adorable notepad, and a t-shirt for me which says “Mind the Stash” but in the “Mind the Gap” style. 😀 I tried to get a group picture of my SP goodies (minus one cat toy) but Pan had his tail covering one of the more amusing items.

I moved it onto the t-shirt, see? There’s the notepad where I can jot down all of my cats’ most secret thoughts!

Thank you so much, Rockstariel, for all the wonderful goodies and the effort you put into my package. As you can see the kitties fully approve, and I agree with them.

Listening to: Ghost of Perdition ~ Opeth, Wake Me Up When September Ends ~ Green Day