First off, Stephania graciously lent me a picture of my socks hanging in the Three Fates Yarns booth at Sock Summit:

L to R: Jera, Falling Up, Intercalate, Isaz

I’m pretty sure that’s the end of Sock Summit stuff, so moving on…

Skew is one of my old WIPs, Started February 12, 2010 – let’s hope I finish it before it’s 2nd WIP birthday. Shortly after starting it, I heard a lot of people were having problems with the fit. And, given my very high instep, I worried.

Skew, toe and foot

Then I learned about the high instep mods on the designer’s blog, and a KAL for Knitty patterns inspired me to work on it more.

After the “inner ankle” increases

I think for me, the issue was that the sock is simple, but not *that* simple. It requires a bit of concentration, but doesn’t have quite enough interest to hold my attention during the straight foot section.

more increasing, and see the bump where the heel will go?

I like my knitting either interesting or boring, this pattern is intermediate and switches back and forth too often for my knitting style.

separating heel stitches

But after finding about the high instep modification, I was convinced to persevere.

grafting the heel – hope you like Kitchener!

Besides, I really wanted to figure out if this thing was ever going to become sock-shaped!

hmmm…. still looks funny

It doesn’t really appear all that sock-shaped…


… but it fits, I checked.