Today I was wondering how my life got so busy all of a sudden, and then I realized it’s summer. The weather is nice (well that’s debatable…) and suddenly I have all kinds of other things to do besides sit around and knit.

Like hiking on the Harbor Islands, concerts, movies, trips to IKEA, berry picking… But I’m getting ahead of myself.

First off thank you SO MUCH to my amazing SP9! I got my first package over the weekend and she sent me some supercool stuff:

Austermann Step yarn (I really like that stuff!), a pretty sock pattern, star cookie cutters which make me want to make cookies rightnow, and chai. And we all know how much I love chai.

Also the Nagini pattern is up so I can show you my test knit pair.

Knit in Koigu. I didn’t take the best picture cuz I was in a hurry to send them off, but there are plenty more in the pattern. The pair I knit turned out a bit short since the Koigu yardage is smaller than most sock yarns, but since it’s toe up I was able to use every bit of yarn. It should be fine for a yarn with more yardage.

In a totally non-knitting-related tangent, I saw Tool on Thursday which was awesome. I don’t even know now how many times I’ve seen them but I think this was #5. I did knit on the way there. Then on Friday I went to see the new Harry Potter movie and knit while I waited. Some of my knitting buddies and I are planning on going to one of the big release parties happening around Boston this Friday.

And I also went berry picking this weekend – still not knitting-related, although I did knit there too.

That’s blueberries and antihistamine pills since there were mosquitoes and greenheads (biting flies) everywhere and I’m a bit extra allergic to mosquitoes and started swelling up when we’d been there about 10 minutes. I even took pictures of my icky bites but I’ll spare you those. I took a little sock knitting break there too:

Then we picked some black raspberries and I exercised my camera’s macro.

And we met some sheep!

And last but not least, I’ve been tagged for the show your sock drawer meme.

That’s what’s in the drawer at the moment, though not close to all of my socks.

I don’t usually tag either, but I told bryghtrose I’d tag her so I will. And why not Catherine and Alexis and Amanda too, if you wanna.