I participated in Summer of Socks this year, and my goal was to finish WIPs. Well, SOS ended at the beginning of September, but since I was under the impression that it would go until the end of summer, I decided I would work on sock WIPs through the end of the summer.

Yet another finished sock WIP – this one was from Labor Day Weekend, but did I blog it? Of course not!


Pattern: Kai Mei by Cookie A
Yarn: Dream In Color Smooshy in Go Go Grassy
Started: 5/26/09
Finished: 9/4/09

I just noticed those were started Memorial Day weekend and finished Labor Day weekend. Go figure!

And a little detail of the stitch pattern:


This is a wacky stitch pattern. Not hard, but definitely different. It turns out beautifully, though!

I made some really good progress and finished some socks that had been languishing for a long time, along with a few new pairs. My goal is to finish my second Nebula sock before the end of Summer (which is September 22nd, for those of you wondering).

So far I have this:


I only have a few more repeats until the heel, and the foot honestly goes nearly twice as fast since the bottom is stockinette. Those little cable twists, while gorgeous, are very time-consuming. For some reason the spiraling isn’t showing up on the left sock. Hopefully it will when the sock is being worn.

My other sock WIPs include my second Leyburn – which I would try to finish if I could find it… I’m going to do a bit more searching tomorrow.

I also started a couple pairs of new stockinette socks to work on while watching movies or riding the bus:

The Candy Corn socks – these were supposed to be self-striping, but I think they’re cute even though they don’t stripe.

candy corn

and my little sister’s birthday socks:

bday socks

The yarn is Lisa Souza “Little Devil”, which I bought a few years ago with my sister in mind. It’s rough being a blue lover with family members that love red and black. 😉