The second Frankensock is progressing nicely:

Tonight I went over to Cathy’s for a bit of FiberCult recording with a few of the girls. I knit on my Frankensock and I wore my York.

Yep, York made it’s debut today, although I discovered about 5 minutes after getting to work that seaming with the Kureyon was not a good plan. (OK, so I should have known that.) I was taking the sweater off and broke the seaming yarn on the bottom of the left sleeve. Luckily when I went to record tonight Cathy had some Cascade 22o in a dark green that matches pretty well so I’m going to re-seam the lower arm and keep a bit of Cascade for any further emergencies.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures since the lighting left a bit to be desired, but I should see many of my knitting friends on Saturday during the day for once, so I can coerce them into a little photo shoot then.