This time is a little different… Cory and I have teamed up with Noriko for another design challenge, this time with Stitchjones yarn!

We each asked Sharon of Stitchjones a few questions, mine were about crafting community.

Knitting groups have played a really big part in my life since I became a crazy knitter in 2004. I moved to Boston and didn’t know anyone, and very early on I was directed to my first knitting group. Knitters ended up taking over my social life while I lived there, and I continued meeting knitters when I came back to Seattle. So, without further ado, here are the questions I asked and Sharon’s answers.


Me: How did you learn to knit? Were people in your family crafty when you were a child?

Sharon: An aunt, and my best friend who knit and crochet, both taught me to cast on, knit and purl when I was a teen.  They were very supportive of my first efforts. My mother sometimes made doilies in thread crochet, but that never interested me – I was all about knitting yarns and color.  I remember being fascinated by some blue yarn my grandma had given me, before I even had enough attention span to focus – I must have been about six.

Me: Do you have an in person crafting group, or do you find community more online?

Sharon: Both, actually.  I meet with a small SnB group on Wednesdays, and also am active in several Facebook groups for knitters, indie dyers, and yarn lovers in general.

Me: What is your favorite way to get involved with groups of knitters and crocheters? (KAL/CALs, yarn clubs, events like WWKIP Day, etc.)

Sharon: Great question!  I launched my yarn club, Yarnageddon by Stitchjones, in 2012 (with all the dire predictions happening that year, I couldn’t resist a little wordplay).  We’re beginning our 5th year, and I don’t know who has more fun, my club members or me!  Yes, I love KAL’s too, and another way of getting together with groups which I particularly enjoy is guest speaking at knitting guilds.

Me: People I’ve met through knitting have had a much broader impact on my life. Have you had this experience, and if so could you share an example?

Sharon: Absolutely.   Knitters tend to be kinder, more thoughtful, and more generous as a group than most.  I didn’t find this out until knitting became my all-consuming passion, and coming from a corporate background I never experienced a level of positivity that I find among LYSO’s, fiber artists and artisans.  It’s a quality which I strive to emulate!

A bit thanks to Sharon, for her thoughtful answers! I’m really excited to work with Stitchjones yarn for this design challenge!

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