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WIPs – Lucy Hat

One of my 2014 knitting goals is to cut my WIPs in half. I am not a monogamous knitter, and I don’t want to be! I enjoy having projects going for various moods and knitting situations. I can’t knit complicated lace and/or cables while watching movies, so I need a relatively simple project for that. At knitting group I can watch my knitting, but I don’t want anything *too* complex.

So while I do want to have multiple projects, I think that 37+ is a bit much. And as I go through the process of reducing my WIPs, I want to understand what got me into this predicament in the first place. So I’ll ask myself a few questions:

Why did I start this project?
Why did I put it down?
What was preventing me from finishing it, and do I really want to finish it?

If I don’t really want to finish it, I’ll go ahead and rip it out. If I do, I’ll try to figure out how to get started on it again so it can soon become a finished project!

Today I’ll discuss one project that is no longer a WIP… my Lucy Hat.

Why did I start this project?

My friend Karen was wearing one that she knit, and I tried it on and thought it actually looked cute on me unlike most hats. I decided to knit one for myself.

Why did I put it down?

For the Lucy Hat I really don’t have a very good answer to this question. I’m pretty sure I was knitting it at movie night and started the crown decreases, and then the hat became too small for the 16″ circular needle and I needed to switch it to DPNs or Magic Loop.

The thing is, I could have done this as soon as I got home. I own both DPNs and a longer circular in size 6, which is what I was knitting on! But… I didn’t.

What was preventing me from finishing it, and do I really want to finish it?

The answer here is pretty silly. I think the only thing really preventing me from finishing it was that it was out of sight zipped up in a project bag. There was really no problem with the hat, and I had the needles necessary to finish it. So today I opened up the bag, grabbed my longer size 6 circs, and had the hat finished in less than 30 minutes. That included finishing the decreases, weaving in ends, and tacking down the brim.

Lucy Hat

It’s a little crumpled because of its long stay in the project bag, but nothing a little blocking won’t fix! One down, ~36 to go.


Happy New Year

Happy 2014, all!

Here’s a little wrap-up of my 2013 knitting…

First of all, in January I hit a big milestone by finishing my 200th pair of socks!


Pattern: My Vampire Boyfriend

In February I went to Stitches West with a few of my local knitting friends, and had lots of fun! I also started working at a local yarn store, Bad Woman Yarn.

March was my knitting group’s annual retreat.

In April I attended Vogue Knitting Live here in Seattle, which was a lot of fun. I got to spend some time hanging around the Cooperative Press booth.

For my birthday I visited my friend MJ in Wisconsin, where we stayed up insanely late every night cooking, and hatched a scheme to start a podcast, which became Starjay Knits.

In June we started our podcast, and we’ve had so much fun doing it this year.

In July I started my Rastita Design Challenge with my friend Cory of IndieKnits.

Early November was Knit Fit, where I had a great time teaching a class about sock toes and heels, as well as attending Game Knitting and hanging out with my friend Stephania of Three Fates Yarns in her booth.

In the past few weeks I’ve been wrapping up some projects and doing quite a bit of gift knitting (even though I vowed I wouldn’t).

2013 was a really tough year for me personally, but knitting-wise it wasn’t so bad. I managed to complete 27 non-secret projects. (There were a few more that you’ll see soon!)

2013 Knitting Mosaic

In 2014 I have a few knitting goals:

1. Start and finish a sweater for myself!

2. Finish Stariel’s Stars (my Celestarium)

3. Knit at least 12 pairs of socks. I’ve set myself up a little “personal sock club” for this – each month I will randomly generate a number and do that project off the list. The variation is that 4 of the projects are barely-started sock WIPs, so I’ll also make progress on goal #4.

4. End the year with 1/2 the number of WIPs! I’m starting the year with (officially) 36 WIPs, though I know there’s another one at least because I remember one more that isn’t listed in Ravelry. But we’ll just say end 2014 with 18 or less WIPs. I can finish or frog, but everything must be off the needles or it counts as a WIP.

5. Spin at least 1 pound of fiber.

I also want to keep all of you up to date by blogging more!

I hope all of you had a fun and productive 2013, and will have an even better 2014!