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We have a winner!

Well, after putting up my little contest, I nearly forgot about it!

I had a lovely camping trip last weekend, spent some time knitting by the campfire (though of course I didn’t get any pictures of that) and had fun hanging out with my sisters. And ice cream for breakfast, because that’s always important.

But, without further ado, the winner of my 5 year Blogiversary contest is….

*drumroll please*

Thursday / Bex! – please contact me so we can discuss yarn / color / pattern preferences!

The winner was chosen using the random number generator, because I was going to ask MJ to pick a number but she wasn’t on IM and then I realized she was one of the entrants.

Well, the knitting isn’t too interesting at the moment, I’m slogging through a couple of sock projects in stockinette that will hopefully be done soon so I can share them, but until then here’s a camping picture:


A camping tradition, roasting soy hot dogs over a campfire.



Five years ago I started this blog. I was a fairly inexperienced knitter, and had just moved to Boston and discovered the wonders of knitting groups. I’ve come a long way!

The blog has gone on more or less that whole time. Some times have been more active than others, and the fact that I pretty much only post finished stuff doesn’t help with that. But I feel pretty accomplished for keeping the blog going for this long.

So, in celebration, I’m having a contest. Leave a comment on this post by midnight on Monday September 14th telling me what your favorite thing is that I’ve knit. You can even cheat and look at my Ravelry projects page. I’ll select a random comment and that person will win a pair of socks knit by me. I’ll find out your general yarn and pattern preferences and figure out something fun. :)

I’ll be camping with my sisters this weekend, so I might not be able to approve comments right away, so never fear if you don’t see yours for a while.

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Toe Up Socks

As some of you know, I’m not a big toe-up sock knitter. There are a few reasons for this. I’ve only found one toe-up heel that fits my feet well. One of the main benefits of knitting socks toe-up is not having to worry about running out of yarn, and I don’t usually have to worry about that anyway. The gusset is my favorite part of the sock, and toe-up socks don’t usually have a gusset.

Sometimes I do knit socks toe up, but then I use a gusseted short row heel, which means more calculating when to start the increases on the foot to end up on the right pattern row to start the leg after the heel. In this case, cuff down is just easier.

But, toe up socks have been playing a bit of a role in my life lately, so here goes…

I have an extra signed copy of Chrissy Gardiner’s new book Toe-Up! to give away! I helped proofread the book, and picked up two copies at Sock Summit – one for me and one for the lucky winner. I’ll also throw in a PDF copy of my newest sock pattern – also knit toe-up – Falling Up.

And, as a little bonus for the runner up, they get a copy of my pattern too.

So, how do you win these fabulous prizes? Well, just guess how many pairs worth of sock yarn I bought at Sock Summit. I’ll give you some time to contemplate – entries will close on August 25th.

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Congrats to Cathy and Harriet, who won my blog contest!

1. What are my cats’ names? (a bonus point for *full* names, another bonus point for linking me to the cutest picture of one or both of them on the blog)

My cats, Pan and Java, are really named Pantalaimon and Kirjava. Any picture qualified for cutest. 😉

2. Who is my “boyfriend”?

My “boyfriend” is CTHGSY. You haven’t seen him for a while, but I assure you he’s still around.

3. What yarn did I use for my first “human-sized” socks?

Lion Brand Magic Stripes

4. How many adult sweaters have I knit?

The answer for sweaters with sleeves is actually 6, although only 5 of them really made the blog. As for t-shirts / tanks, there are an additional 4. Strangely no one got this question right.

5. Why are my Regia Strato socks famous?

I took these socks to New York and knit on them in line for the AFI video premier of Miss Murder. The line (and me knitting the socks) was shown on MTV.

6. What luxury fiber do I dislike?


7. How many times have I moved since starting this blog?

Cathy was right on with 6. Actually, I counted wrong the first time and thought it was 7, but recounted and it’s really 6.

Winners – please contact me via email (or if I don’t hear from you in the next couple days I’ll try to track you down) so I can figure out a good prize for you. :)


Post 500: A Bloggy Scavenger Hunt!

Well, here it is, the 500th post on my blog! From my humble beginnings in 2004 (really, really humble…. I just went back and read some of them) to the obsession with socks, and now the present. To celebrate I’m having a little blog scavenger hunt. Leave a comment with the answers. Keep in mind, I’ll be leaving these comments screened until the end of the contest, so if you want to say something to the world, make a separate comment. I’ll pick the most correct answers for an as-yet-undetermined prize, and if there’s a tie I’ll draw names. (I promise, it will be nice!) I’ll give you til April 4th, that’s when I get back from Sock Camp. :)

1. What are my cats’ names? (a bonus point for *full* names, another bonus point for linking me to the cutest picture of one or both of them on the blog)
2. Who is my “boyfriend”?
3. What yarn did I use for my first “human-sized” socks?
4. How many adult sweaters have I knit?
5. Why are my Regia Strato socks famous?
6. What luxury fiber do I dislike?
7. How many times have I moved since starting this blog?

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Socks On Vacation

I figured my vacation to the west coast would be the perfect time to clear out some of those sock WIPs. So far I’ve finished two pairs, and I’m a little afraid that I didn’t bring enough! Thankfully there’s a bit of spare yarn as well.

The first pair I finished yesterday was the test knit I was working on for MJ. They’re pink and beautiful and I will post again with the pattern info and pictures as soon as it’s available.

Then today I finished the Simply Cables socks that I started a while back:


Pattern: Simply Cables from Sockamania
Yarn: BMFA Socks That Rock Lightweight in Blue Brick Wall
Started: 3/7/08
Finished: 5/7/08

It’s a pretty and simple cable pattern that adds interest to socks but still works with a more variegated yarn. These are one of the prizes for my contest winner Weezalana. It took me a while, but here they are!


Now back to that knitting thing so I can finish some more socks!


Contest, and some more holiday knitting

Hey family members, are you still staying away from my blog? I sure hope so!

First off, the contest: I did not hear from Cindy so I’ve given up and I’m declaring a tie – Amanda from myonlysunshine and weezalana both guessed October 31st for the 100th sock finish. If the two of you could contact me I’ll let you know the deal on your handknit-by-me socks. :)

In a bit of randomness, while I was visiting Cathy this weekend I finally remembered to take a picture of her ceiling. It is rather amazing.

It looks like someone went a little crazy with the spackle meringues and the glitter.

I didn’t remember to get any pictures of Monkee’s visit *or* me wearing my Rogue *or* WEBS *or* me wearing my York, however. (Yeah, I know, I am really bad at the picture taking thing.)

I have been doing some knitting – here’s a holiday gift in progress:

I’ve still got a ways to go but… um… I’m flying on Friday, that gives me a lot of plane knitting time, right? (I have a feeling my mom might get half a stocking in a box.)

Listening to: Wrapped In Plastic ~ Marilyn Manson, Miss Murder ~ A.F.I.

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Back to that contest thing….

So remember back when I had the contest?

Right, well my sock knitting was not half as fast as most of you predicted, and I now know that the winner will be Cindy who guessed November 15th (the latest guess) – and she won’t even be off by too much.

Unfortunately, Cindy is also unidentifiable – so if you’re she could you please contact me?

Now, back to the sock knitting news. Actually the second half of my Thanksgiving extravaganza was pretty much knitting-free. I finished up those Monkey socks and cast on for the Ripples sock in Yarn Pirate Plum Gorgeous at the train station.

And *then*….

I went shopping, went out for coffee, walked around Greenlake with turtle hot chocolate from Chocolati, had deep philosophical discussions, ate Indian food, and did other assorted non-knitting things for the rest of the trip. And today on the plane? I read about 250 pages of The Time Traveler’s Wife instead of knitting. (Shocking, I know.)

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The first ever contest!

I keep telling myself I’ll have a contest, but then I never do. I was waiting for something significant to happen.

Well it has, this is my 300th post!

So here’s the contest:

You will guess when I will finish my 100th pair of socks – obviously I don’t yet know the answer, but when the event does occur the person with the closest answer (or a randomly selected winner if more than one person guesses the correct day) will win a pair of socks knit by me! Just leave your guess in the comments with the date that you think I’ll complete my 100th pair of socks.

I’ll give the winner a few choices of yarn from my stash, or if they don’t like any of those they are welcome to provide some of their own yarn and I’ll knit it.

So get guessing, the deadline for entries is 2/28.

My current sock count is at 65 completed pairs as of today, and the sidebar is up to date with all socks in progress.

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