I’ve been neglecting the blog due to the fact that I’m getting ready for my cross country move slash road trip. Since I’ve decided that I’m going to blog about it whenever I can find internet, here’s the cast of characters.

me, of course

Since you’re reading this you probably know about me, so I’ll just move on.

my mom


My mom is lovely enough to come out and do the drive with me, so she’ll be in on the adventure too.



She’s wondering why I keep putting all the fun stuff in those cardboard boxes and arranging them in the living room instead of playing with her.


Initially Pan was not available for comment since he was busy hiding under the bathtub due to thunderstorms.

hidden Pan

But tonight he came out for a brief break from the hiding. He is a little scared but ready for the big trip since he hears Seattle has less thunderstorms.


the iPhone


My new iPhone has agreed to lend its services, including Google Maps, to make the road trip less likely to end in disaster when my mom tells me we’re going “in the right general direction”.


Yes, my sock yarn boyfriend is still around and will be moving out west with me.

So, with less than two weeks to go, I’m frantically throwing everything in sight into boxes. The yarn is already packed save a few balls for socks on the road and a couple of WIPs. I packed my books too so my choices of socks to knit are limited to the internet and Knitting Vintage Socks.

I can only hope you’re all looking forward to my trip as much as I am. The current plan is to hit the following states: Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania (day 1), Ohio, Indiana, Illinois Hi MJ! (day 2), and then in some combination of not-yet-planned days Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, and finally Oregon.

If anyone knows any good yarn stores in Omaha or Salt Lake City let me know! We’ll be on I-80 most of the way, I think, so if there’s anything good near I-80 in Wyoming let me know about that too – I don’t see any cities labeled on the big Google Map.

Listening to: 1979 ~ Smashing Pumpkins, Credence ~ Opeth