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A post in Instagram photos (and one non)

Totally unrelated to knitting, I really like Instagram. You can take fun little square photos with your smartphone, apply various pictures, tag them with a location and post them to your twitter / Facebook / whatever.

I haven’t been posting much because I’ve been hard at work designing and knitting secret things, but here’s a bit of an update.

My new pattern, Isaz on Ravelry (linked) and Knit Picks IDP.


Last weekend I met my friend Nicole for brunch (and sadly not much knitting) but while I was waiting I got a hot chocolate and worked on the Ishbel that I’m knitting in ivory Handmaiden Sea Silk for my friend Christina’s wedding that I’ll be attending in mid-June.

Knitting and hot chocolate

Never fear, I am now well into the lace on this shawl, and I have until June 9th.

Today Nicole and Mimi and I went on a bit of the Puget Sound LYS Tour. Last year I did the whole thing (I believe last year it was 27 shops!) so this year I felt like I didn’t need to try to do it all again. Instead we just hit some of the new shops we hadn’t been to and a couple old favorites that aren’t close to home, like this one in West Seattle.


One of the new shops, Serial Knitters in Kirkland, was really great! And they had star cookies, which is always a plus for me. 😉

Star Cookies

So there you have it!

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Mysteries Over, and Madrona

The last few days have been spent at Madrona along with all the west coast knitters who aren’t at Stitches West. (OK, maybe not *all*.)

I’ve shopped a bit – mostly Gothsocks with a bit of Toots LeBlanc, Rain City Fiber Arts and Abstract Fiber Arts to top off the bag. Overall a small but quality yarn accumulation. The rest of the time was spent knitting, spinning, and chatting with other fiber folks.

I also finished some socks in my newest pattern, Isaz:

Pattern: Isaz
Yarn: Three Fates Yarns Terra Sock in Fenrir
Started: 12/27/10
Finished: 2/18/11

This was the mystery KAL in the Three Fates Yarns group on Ravelry, but it will be available soon.

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A little bit of love

And now for my annual pair of (Black)hearted:

Pattern: (Black)hearted – one of mine, free and on Ravelry
Yarn: Macek Designs Sock Yarn in Dark Milky Way
Started: 2/1/11
Finished: 2/9/11

I still haven’t made the ones to match MJ’s here:

Somehow, even though I don’t like colors other than blue, purple, grey and black… I occasionally like pink.

And hearts.

… but I don’t really want to wait until next year for the twin ones. Maybe they’ll just be late for Valentine’s Day.



Happy New Year!

These Monkey socks will likely be my first FO of the new year. :)

This year was a pretty good one for knitting. I had a few patterns released:

Diverged as part of Knit Picks IDP
Jera in Knitcircus, and now through my Ravelry Pattern Store
Intercalate in Yarn Forward Magazine #33
Isaz currently only to participants in a mystery KAL, but in the pattern store later

I finished:

Socks (22 pairs)
Mini Mochi
Birthday Socks
Twists and Turns Twins
Blue Moon Rare Gems
Solstice Twins
Trekking Socks
Lucy Monkeys
Intercalate II
Summer Sox
Gothic Summer KAL
Artichoke Socks
Handspun Socks
More Monkeys
Candy Corn
Melanie’s Birthday Socks

Non-socks (7 projects)
Pea Pod Baby Sweater
a soaker
Milkweed Shawl
Odessa Hat
Cinnamon Grace
Pretty Thing

As far as my knitting goals, I stuck to my 1/3 yarn diet – buying only 1/3 as much yarn as I knit / destashed.

My 2011 Goals

1. Continue the 1/3 stash goal, but this year be better about not buying new yarn until *after* I have the “credit” for it (instead of buying and then catching up*).

2. Knit at least 24 pairs of socks, plus other things.

3. Finish items until I only have 6 WIPs left, and keep it that way. Casting on a bunch of new things at once is fun, but it means that some projects get set aside and take forever to finish.

* I’d gotten off to a pretty good start by not joining any sock clubs for 2011, but then I made an exception for Cookie’s new club. I have already subtracted the 600g (approximate for 6 skeins of sock yarn) from my stash total for this year and will “pay it off” before buying anything new.

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Socks, Steeks, Blankets, and Elijah

I got my contributor’s copy of Yarn Forward No. 33, and got to see my very own socks in it!

Intercalate in YF

It was a very exciting moment. :) I’m not sure if the magazine is out in print in the US yet, though.

I sewed some steeks that I didn’t knit or cut!

Since my friend Erin was so kind as to lend me her sewing machine, she needed me to sew the steeks for a little sweater she was knitting for her daughter. I was a bit worried as my sewing skills are minimal, but I managed.

You can see the finished sweater here.

I presented a non-knitted knitted gift!

This year I didn’t knit for the holidaze. Instead I prepared a choice of elephants for my sister – a powerpoint slide with pictures of three different elephant patterns for her to choose from. She picked Elijah, and I will be knitting him soon.

I met a baby, and gave her a blanket!

I knit Undercover with some Three Fates Yarn that Stephania contributed – it was our joint gift to the baby.

The blanket turned out very nice, but the pattern has several errors that I put in the notes on my project, just in case you want to knit it.

I started my first Mystery KAL for Isaz!

It seems to be going well so far!

Next time I probably shouldn’t wait so long to post. 😉

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I had an idea for some crazy cabled socks.


And so I made them, and I had a fun photoshoot with my fabulous photographer Louise.

on the works

We went to Gasworks park, and even though it was cloudy and a bit cold, we had lots of fun.

crazy feet

…Maybe a little too much fun. 😉

The design was submitted to Knitty for the First Fall issue this year, but it wasn’t accepted. I struggled on what to do with it, but when I saw a call for Yarn Forward magazine, I decided to give it a try.


Since the socks were originally knit with yarn from a US indie dyer, (my good friend Stephania over at Three Fates Yarns) I reknit them with yarn from a UK indie dyer (Wild Fire Fibres) for Yarn Forward.

You can buy the issue online here currently only through Yudu but hopefully soon as a PDF, or in magazine form if somewhere stocks it near you. I’ve heard people have found it at Borders.


Pattern: Intercalate by me!
Yarns: Three Fates Yarns BFL Platinum Sock (green), and Wild Fire Fibres Manyana (yellow)


It’s a Mystery!

Right about now a lot of us are pretty busy knitting gifts… even me. But come the end of December, most of that will hopefully be behind us, and we can knit for ourselves again.

Well, here’s a suggestion:

Why don’t you come and join the Mystery Sock Knitalong that I’m putting on with my friend Stephania of Three Fates Yarns.

So, are you with us? The KAL will take place on the Three Fates Ravelry group, found here. I’ve designed a pattern especially for the knitalong, and the pattern clues will be delivered by email starting December 26. You can sign up in this Google spreadsheet.

I’ve got my yarn at the ready!


You can join the KAL with any yarn, but if you want to pick up some fabulous Three Fates Yarns, you can do it on the etsy shop. She’s even got some on sale right now!

People who finish by February 14, 2011 will be entered to win a prize, and people who do so using Three Fates Yarns will get an extra entry.

Got it? Good! Now go sign up and get ready to knit along. :)

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Jera, again

both socks 1

Yarn: Stricken Smitten Smitten Merino Twist in Rune

My pattern Jera was in Knitcircus in the Fall 2010 issue. Now that the winter issue is live, it’s available for sale on Ravelry.


Yarn: Three Fates Yarns Eponymous in Olivia

My fabulous photographer Louise and I had a little photo shoot earlier this week. Then my fabulous layout-designer MJ made me a cute logo and a layout and then stayed on Skype chatting with me as I tweaked it into its final shape. Over the next while I’ll convert my older patterns to the new fancy layout.


More knitting to come soon. :)


A new pattern – Jera

I had a new pattern come out on Wednesday in Knitcircus… meet Jera:

jera 1

Pattern: Jera
Yarn: Stricken Smitten Smitten Merino Twist in Rune
Started: 5/22/10
Finished: 6/11/10

It’s in the Fall Issue of Knitcircus

issue 11 cover

This ended up being one of my quicker designs… I started it in April and had it accepted in May, then knit up the samples and sent them off. And the wait for publication isn’t even that long – it’s good for impatient me.

jera 2

These socks are inspired by the rune Jera (pronounced yer-ah). It’s the 12th rune of the Elder Futhark, representing the year or the harvest – a good match for fall.

* The pictures are courtesy of Knitcircus *



Here is a blog post I’ve been waiting to write for a long time…

socks in grass - horizontal - print

Once upon a time I had an idea. It was an idea for a sock pattern, inspired by the poem The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost. A sock with paths that split apart and came together again. But it took me a long time to make it. Finally, about a year ago, I did.

back view 1

A little less than a year ago I submitted the pattern to knitty, and then I waited. It was really hard. I guess I’m impatient, but when I have an exciting new pattern, I really want to share it and see others knit it. But 2 1/2 months later I got a very nice rejection. (I understand, knitty gets a lot of pattern submissions and of course they can’t take everything!)

And then my pattern just sat. After all that waiting I had other exciting things going on, and I still wanted to do something special with my little pattern.

Then I recently heard about the Knit Picks Independent Designer Partnership Program and thought it sounded like an interesting idea. The real reason I design, other than to get those pesky patterns out of my head, is to see other people knit things I made up.

I think Knit Picks will probably bring this pattern to a wider audience than just my fabulous blog readers and the people who happen to stumble upon it on ravelry. Hopefully some of these people who like Diverged will also want to knit other things I’ve designed. It’s definitely worth trying, so I decided to go for it. The pattern should be up in the IDP section in a couple of days – just a little over a month after my first email to them. That even includes reknitting the sample and coordinating with Louise for photos.

The whole process was not only quick (an advantage to putting patterns up all the time instead of in issues) but very pleasant. I even got to try a brand new yarn, Stroll Tonal, that was released a few days after I started my sample.

front of sock - print

Pattern: Diverged
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Tonal in Springtime
Started: 3/17/10
Finished: 3/27/10

front view

Pattern: Diverged
Yarn: Socks That Rock Lightweight in 24 Karat
Started: 5/6/09
Finished: 5/26/09

You can buy the pattern for $1.99 through Knit Picks or on ravelry.

All photographs in this post were taken by the lovely Louise.