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Seriously Noro? SERIOUSLY?!?

OK, I wasn’t going to blog today. And this doesn’t even really count, but I just have to get this off my chest.

May 8

These 6 (yes, six!) balls of yarn come from about the last 1/3 of ONE 50g skein of Noro Kureyon. In which I already joined at least two other knots while knitting my sweater. And then after joining the turquoise – which was one of several colors knotted totally out of sequence – I knit not even a whole stripe before hitting another knot. Then I noticed a knot on the outside of the skein and decided I’d better rewind it.

Now, I know that knots are in yarn. That’s the way it goes. And if I encounter one or two in a ball I’m slightly miffed but understanding. And Noro is notorious for having lots of knots, and often having knots with two totally different colors tied together. There’s a section on the back of my other Noro sweater where the color sequence goes back two stripes and then repeats.

Yeah, it’s annoying, but slightly less so when you can splice the yarn as you can with Kureyon. But this? This is not acceptable. And the yarn isn’t cheap either! Beautiful, but not pretty enough to make this OK.

Ugh. Somebody remind me of this the next time I want to knit a Noro sweater.

(On a slightly happier note, progress is being made on the Kureyon Hoodie.)

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A tragic knitting tale…

As some of you probably recall, I was in a sock swap on the Knittyboard and sent these socks to Jenneke. Well, she sent my package a long time ago, but it still hadn’t arrived. I wasn’t too worried, I’ve had international packages take extended trips before.

So you can imagine how excited I was to see it in my mailbox last night when I got home. (The package was sent from the Netherlands on 8/28 and got here on 10/5 – ugh.)

Well I got the package into my apartment and started to open it, which is when all my excitement turned to anger. See, the package had been opened and little bits of the wrapping had been torn off:

There were also two very mangled bars of chocolate. :( However it was taped up again all beautifully, so because of this and due to the long delay I’m assuming it was held up at customs.

So I opened this wrapped package and found the most beautiful yarn:


Yes, whenever the package was opened the socks were separated from it. I am so sad to think of my socks, which I’m sure were beautiful, floating around lost in customs or wherever they are. I’m definitely going to report it – I called USPS right away and they basically said I could file a “missing item report” but that there is pretty much no chance the socks will be recovered.

I debated writing about it here, but I didn’t want my most observant readers to see that I sent socks to my pal and never got any in return, so I’m putting this out there to say a big “Thank You!” to Jenneke, who sent the package out complete and on time. I already emailed her and told her what happened yesterday.

In any case the yarn is gorgeous and I’m so glad I had such a nice and thoughtful partner who sent me such nice goodies.

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When bad things happen to good socks…

Remember these?

Well I was on the phone with my mom a couple weeks ago and as we were signing off she said in a lowered voice “Oh… There’s something I feel like I should tell you.”

This is not really something one wants to hear, and I was wondering what horrible family tragedy had occurred. It turns out that there was a run-in with a monster.

Poor sock! I told my mom to have my sister send the socks back to me – I still have the leftover yarn and will fix it to the best of my ability – although the stripes might not match up quite as perfectly as the first time…

Listening to: One Year From Now ~ Katatonia, My Long Walk to Jail ~ Filter, Evidence ~ Katatonia

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