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A couple more FOs

I went to a holiday party for my knitting group, and a couple of things happened.

We have a gift exchange, and I got this lovely yarn spun by smallsmallfaery:

It’s about 130 yards of Romney, and although it says 11wpi, which is a worsted / aran weight so it will be perfect for my big Chevron blanket*.

And I was thoroughly embarrassed that nearly everyone was wearing a Noro Striped Scarf, and mine (which I started ages and ages ago) was still a WIP. So I got motivated:

Noro Striped Scarf

Pattern: Noro Striped Scarf
Yarn: Noro Kureyon in colors 40 and 233, 2 skeins each
Started: 1/18/2009
Finished: 12/18/2011

So, just shy of 3 years later I have finally finished my scarf! I feel pretty silly admitting that, but I just don’t often get into the mood of knitting something in 1×1 rib. Now that it’s done I’ve been wearing it most days!

Then while traveling for the holidaze, I finished a much more recent project, Melanie’s 2011 Birthday Socks.

Yarn: Sophie’s Toes in Grandma’s Blueberry Pie
Started: 11/6/11
Finished: 12/24/11

Melanie modeled them and had the idea of posing with the lights leading from the tree to the plug, so we did.

*another WIP I really should put some stitches on

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In September of last year, I knit the Milkweed shawlette, and I found a new love. This knitting craving goes well with my fingering weight stash, and the end result is a little touch of girly without being a full on shawl. Best of all, it’s faster than a pair of socks and makes a great gift!

Which is why I’ve knitted a couple of shawlettes lately. First off, Damson:

Pattern: Damson by Ysolda Teague
Yarn: Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Sock in Gold Dynasty
Started: 10/17/11
Finished: 11/6/11

I’ve had this yarn hanging around from the Woolgirl sock club for a while, and when I decided to knit a shawlette for someone who loves fall colors I figured this was the right yarn.

Unfortunately, for some reason I ran out of yarn quite a bit before the end. I checked and double-checked my gauge, but I’m really not sure why. (I also foolishly ignored the comments of another Raveler who had run out of yarn using this same kind.) Luckily I was rescued by someone else with the same yarn and was able to finish the shawl! I’ve already picked out yarn for my Damson, one with lots of yardage. 😉

Then I knit Multnomah as yet another gift shawlette:

Pattern: Multnomah by Kate Elsa
Yarn: Yarn Daze Sock in Snoopy Pirate
Started: 11/20/11
Finished: 12/4/11

I have a couple more on the needles for me, but first I feel the need to knit some socks…


Socks, Steeks, Blankets, and Elijah

I got my contributor’s copy of Yarn Forward No. 33, and got to see my very own socks in it!

Intercalate in YF

It was a very exciting moment. :) I’m not sure if the magazine is out in print in the US yet, though.

I sewed some steeks that I didn’t knit or cut!

Since my friend Erin was so kind as to lend me her sewing machine, she needed me to sew the steeks for a little sweater she was knitting for her daughter. I was a bit worried as my sewing skills are minimal, but I managed.

You can see the finished sweater here.

I presented a non-knitted knitted gift!

This year I didn’t knit for the holidaze. Instead I prepared a choice of elephants for my sister – a powerpoint slide with pictures of three different elephant patterns for her to choose from. She picked Elijah, and I will be knitting him soon.

I met a baby, and gave her a blanket!

I knit Undercover with some Three Fates Yarn that Stephania contributed – it was our joint gift to the baby.

The blanket turned out very nice, but the pattern has several errors that I put in the notes on my project, just in case you want to knit it.

I started my first Mystery KAL for Isaz!

It seems to be going well so far!

Next time I probably shouldn’t wait so long to post. 😉

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A Rare Occurrence

I finished two things in a row that aren’t socks. Last time it was the Odessa hat, this time…


Pattern: Cinnamon Grace
Yarn: Yarntini in “So Corny”, the September 2010 club color
Started: 10/9/10
Finished: 10/24/10

Of course, both of these non-sock items were gifts. 😉


That picot bind off? Over two hours.




Pattern: Monkey
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Kettle Dyed Sock in Jay
Started: 9/24/10
Finished: 10/4/10

I dashed off a quick pair of Monkey socks for a gift. It’s something I tend to do quite frequently since I have the pattern memorized. Besides it’s easy and looks good in almost any yarn. Something a little “fancy” for hardly any work… that’s one of the types of pattern I like best.

Yesterday I started something new…

October 9

A carrot? Maybe… stay tuned.


Monkeys for Marti

I talked before about yarn that just seems to be cursed. My Solstice yarn was like that until I recently made the plain stockinette twin socks with MJ.

Well, I’ve cured another cursed yarn! On our last knitting adventure afternoon at Neptune Coffee, Marti ripped out the second pair of socks that weren’t working with this yarn and gave it to me. After finishing a few projects I cast on for some Monkey socks – seriously, that pattern looks good with almost anything!

Today we were back at Neptune knitting, and I presented her with the no-longer-cursed yarn… but it looked like this:

July 23

Yarn: Socks That Rock in Lucy
Pattern: Monkey by Cookie A
Started: 7/3/10
Finished: 7/23/10

And they even fit!

Now for my next STR project – it takes up a good portion of my stash, so it makes sense that I should be knitting something with it most of the time. Erin and I have several unknit kits from past years of the Rockin’ Sock Club. I made a goal to knit all of them by November 2011 (if the deadline seems weird, it’s for my 101 in 1001 project).

Well, today I’m starting Leafling.

Listening to: The Promise of Deceit ~ Katatonia, Lithium ~ Nirvana

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My first FO of the year is not socks. Shocking, I know. There are a few pairs of socks close to being finished, but this little project took precedence.


Pattern: Pea Pod Baby Set (Ravelry link)
Yarn: Mission Falls 136 Merino Superwash
Started: 11/16/09
Finished: 1/10/10

Making this sweater was actually kind of fun, but it reminded me why I like socks so much. First there’s the separate pieces all with their own ends. Then there’s the blocking… before seaming. And the seaming. And then the blocking after seaming.

Honestly it wasn’t so bad, and I did promise Stephania that I would knit this for her baby oh so long ago. Way before November. Way before the baby was even born!

After I got out my big Vogue book and looked up the proper way to seam (wouldn’t seam without it!) I ended up very happy with the final product. And I can even seam while watching Deadwood on DVD. :)



I didn’t do much holiday knitting this year. Mostly because I didn’t really think about it and then there just wasn’t time, but also because I was busy finishing something.


Pattern: a highly modified version of the Holiday Stocking (which appears to be the same as the Scandinavian Stocking which is found in a book) by Donna Kay
Yarn: Jamieson Shetland Spindrift
Started: 11/29?/07
Finished: 12/23/09

I started this a couple of years ago for my mom, and foolishly decided to modify it to have snowflakes instead of the… holly? presents with bows?… on the original. I decided if I couldn’t tell what the motif was supposed to be, it should probably be something else. And I really like the snowflakes except they’re almost all different so knitting them was an exercise in staring at a chart in a quiet room.

Also the purl-bump checkerboard pattern on the cuff and heel was horrible to knit. I also modified the heel to be a normal sock heel since the pattern has some weird square thing with decreases. No thanks!

Well, the stocking was well received and I’m very relieved to finally have it done. It turned out great but I think that’s the last time I knit something like that!

Another (nearly) finished object is the knitting area in my living room.


Currently it’s mostly occupied by my handknit sock laundry (which I thought might be interesting to some of you – can you spot any socks you recognize?), but soon that will be moved away and when I obtain a chair it will be a great place for spinning or knitting.


Knitting in the media

Last night I was finishing up a pair of Monkeys (more on that later) while watching Frasier when I saw this:


Yep, that guy is “knitting” what appear to be crocheted granny squares. One would think that someone doing the show knew how to knit, because at one point the man is making fairly realistic knitting motions… but then again maybe not.

I posted something about this (but no picture) on Plurk and got a response from Aesox about a Jockey ad with a spinning wheel churning out knitting. The picture is a bit hard to see – it’s possible it’s just really thick yarn and someone jammed a cake of it on a spinning wheel, but it’s hard to say.


These Jockey girls do a lot of things in their underwear, including riding horses. 😮

I’m sure there are many other examples of failed representations of fiber arts – in fact I know I saw one a while ago with a ball of yarn tangled around some needles of someone who was supposedly “knitting”.

In any case, back to those socks…


Pattern: Monkey by Cookie A
Yarn: Dream In Color Smooshy in Night Watch
Started: 11/23/09
Finished: 12/5/09

These originally started as the Hedgerow Socks, but it seemed like a lot of ribbing for not a lot of pretty. The pattern was just so plain, and it hurt my hands to be changing from knit to purl so much. I decided to go back to one of my old standbys – Monkey is such an easy pattern to knit. The pattern is easy to memorize and it’s also easy to tell where you are in the pattern by looking at the stitches. Plus it’s minimal work for what I think are very pretty socks.

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Belated Candy Corn

I started the Candy Corn socks intending to finish them to wear on Halloween.

Well, two things happened – they didn’t stripe which made them less candy corn-ish to me, and then I had a lot of other knitting to do. Actually three things, because I got sick over Halloween and only wore my PJs.

But while I was visiting Boston I saw my friend Cathy and she likes bright cheery colors and said she would take the socks off my hands. Because I am not a fan of yellow or orange (or white really!) if it’s not candy corn.

candy corn socks

Yarn: Candy Corn from Macek Designs
Started: 9/5/09
Finished: 11/20/09

You can see a little candy corn-like triangle at the heel turn…

My dreams of candy corn striped socks continue, and I picked up some of the Yarntini candy corn striping yarn. Maybe next year!