Happy New Year!

These Monkey socks will likely be my first FO of the new year. :)

This year was a pretty good one for knitting. I had a few patterns released:

Diverged as part of Knit Picks IDP
Jera in Knitcircus, and now through my Ravelry Pattern Store
Intercalate in Yarn Forward Magazine #33
Isaz currently only to participants in a mystery KAL, but in the pattern store later

I finished:

Socks (22 pairs)
Mini Mochi
Birthday Socks
Twists and Turns Twins
Blue Moon Rare Gems
Solstice Twins
Trekking Socks
Lucy Monkeys
Intercalate II
Summer Sox
Gothic Summer KAL
Artichoke Socks
Handspun Socks
More Monkeys
Candy Corn
Melanie’s Birthday Socks

Non-socks (7 projects)
Pea Pod Baby Sweater
a soaker
Milkweed Shawl
Odessa Hat
Cinnamon Grace
Pretty Thing

As far as my knitting goals, I stuck to my 1/3 yarn diet – buying only 1/3 as much yarn as I knit / destashed.

My 2011 Goals

1. Continue the 1/3 stash goal, but this year be better about not buying new yarn until *after* I have the “credit” for it (instead of buying and then catching up*).

2. Knit at least 24 pairs of socks, plus other things.

3. Finish items until I only have 6 WIPs left, and keep it that way. Casting on a bunch of new things at once is fun, but it means that some projects get set aside and take forever to finish.

* I’d gotten off to a pretty good start by not joining any sock clubs for 2011, but then I made an exception for Cookie’s new club. I have already subtracted the 600g (approximate for 6 skeins of sock yarn) from my stash total for this year and will “pay it off” before buying anything new.