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Happy New Year!

These Monkey socks will likely be my first FO of the new year. :)

This year was a pretty good one for knitting. I had a few patterns released:

Diverged as part of Knit Picks IDP
Jera in Knitcircus, and now through my Ravelry Pattern Store
Intercalate in Yarn Forward Magazine #33
Isaz currently only to participants in a mystery KAL, but in the pattern store later

I finished:

Socks (22 pairs)
Mini Mochi
Birthday Socks
Twists and Turns Twins
Blue Moon Rare Gems
Solstice Twins
Trekking Socks
Lucy Monkeys
Intercalate II
Summer Sox
Gothic Summer KAL
Artichoke Socks
Handspun Socks
More Monkeys
Candy Corn
Melanie’s Birthday Socks

Non-socks (7 projects)
Pea Pod Baby Sweater
a soaker
Milkweed Shawl
Odessa Hat
Cinnamon Grace
Pretty Thing

As far as my knitting goals, I stuck to my 1/3 yarn diet – buying only 1/3 as much yarn as I knit / destashed.

My 2011 Goals

1. Continue the 1/3 stash goal, but this year be better about not buying new yarn until *after* I have the “credit” for it (instead of buying and then catching up*).

2. Knit at least 24 pairs of socks, plus other things.

3. Finish items until I only have 6 WIPs left, and keep it that way. Casting on a bunch of new things at once is fun, but it means that some projects get set aside and take forever to finish.

* I’d gotten off to a pretty good start by not joining any sock clubs for 2011, but then I made an exception for Cookie’s new club. I have already subtracted the 600g (approximate for 6 skeins of sock yarn) from my stash total for this year and will “pay it off” before buying anything new.

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Socks, Steeks, Blankets, and Elijah

I got my contributor’s copy of Yarn Forward No. 33, and got to see my very own socks in it!

Intercalate in YF

It was a very exciting moment. :) I’m not sure if the magazine is out in print in the US yet, though.

I sewed some steeks that I didn’t knit or cut!

Since my friend Erin was so kind as to lend me her sewing machine, she needed me to sew the steeks for a little sweater she was knitting for her daughter. I was a bit worried as my sewing skills are minimal, but I managed.

You can see the finished sweater here.

I presented a non-knitted knitted gift!

This year I didn’t knit for the holidaze. Instead I prepared a choice of elephants for my sister – a powerpoint slide with pictures of three different elephant patterns for her to choose from. She picked Elijah, and I will be knitting him soon.

I met a baby, and gave her a blanket!

I knit Undercover with some Three Fates Yarn that Stephania contributed – it was our joint gift to the baby.

The blanket turned out very nice, but the pattern has several errors that I put in the notes on my project, just in case you want to knit it.

I started my first Mystery KAL for Isaz!

It seems to be going well so far!

Next time I probably shouldn’t wait so long to post. 😉

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The End of a Story

Pretty Thing

Pattern: Pretty Thing by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
Yarn: Handspun 100% angora from New Hampshire Sheep & Wool
Started: 8/7/10
Finished: 11/11/10

When I lived in Boston, I went to a lot of sheep and wool festivals. Back in 2006 I won a skein of handspun Angora at the New Hampshire Sheep & Wool. The 4H always had a raffle, and my friends and I would buy tickets and go about placing them randomly in the boxes of things that looked pretty cool. I can’t remember anyone else winning something, but I could be wrong. A little while later this came in the mail:


And then it sat in my stash. See, it’s not sock weight (nor would one probably want to make socks with handspun 100% angora!) I alternated between forgetting it existed and wondering what I would ever make with it… and then I saw Pretty Thing. What a perfect project for a small skein of cloudlike yarn!

So in August I started it. It sat (and sat). I am not very good at knitting things that aren’t socks, especially when they’re for me and have no deadline. But I took it with my on my Port Townsend trip and worked on it a bit at the coffee shop there.


Recently it’s been getting cold, and I’ve been wanting to finish something for that sense of accomplishment. Wednesday night I was chatting with MJ on Skype for several hours and managed to make it most of the way through. With only a few more rows left, I finished it yesterday. I wore it today and it is as fluffy and cozy as I ever hoped. :)


Happy Halloween

I have festive candles!

October 29

I have festive socks!

October 30

Yarn: Vesper in “Candy Corn”
Started: 10/9/10
Finished: 10/29/10

Today I wore my candy corn socks… it’s a dream that’s taken a few years to achieve.


As for other non-Halloween things, I’ve been meaning to talk about my knitting trip to Port Townsend a couple weeks ago!

My lovely friend Erin had a birthday, so her sister came to town and the three of us headed out to the Olympic Peninsula for a relaxing weekend of knitting, coffee drinking, yarn shops, yummy food, and more yarn shops.

On the way there we stopped in Port Gamble and visited The Artful Ewe:

October 15

The whole store was full of baskets of fiber and yarn hanging on the walls… it was great! I found a skein of yarn there for my Blurple Waves blanket, some beautiful BFL sock yarn, and a bit of fiber.

Being silly me, I only brought a sweatshirt as I hadn’t needed a real coat yet this year… thank goodness Erin brought lots of knitwear and let me borrow some of it!

erin in knits

We also visited the yarn store in Port Townsend, Diva Yarn. It was small, but had lots of nice stuff. I got some Merisoft there for Blurple Waves. I’ve decided it’s a good project for souvenir yarn.

Perhaps the most amusing part of the trip to me was the sheer number of knitting projects I had packed. I spent Friday morning thinking “Oh, I should bring…!” and throwing yet another project into my bag. When I got there I realized I had brought the aforementioned Candy Corn socks, Cinnamon Grace, Pretty Thing, Skew, Girasole, and yarn to start the birthday socks for my sister.

After realizing how crazy I was to bring 5 WIPs and yarn for another project on a 2 night trip, I decided to work on each project at least once… and I did! Well, other than the birthday socks that didn’t get cast on.

I’ll leave you with the view from our hotel room:

October 16

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A Rare Occurrence

I finished two things in a row that aren’t socks. Last time it was the Odessa hat, this time…


Pattern: Cinnamon Grace
Yarn: Yarntini in “So Corny”, the September 2010 club color
Started: 10/9/10
Finished: 10/24/10

Of course, both of these non-sock items were gifts. 😉


That picot bind off? Over two hours.


Socks and Shawls

One of my knitting groups, Purlygirls, was having a KAL for the Milkweed Shawl, and I decided to join in. Apparently when it comes to knitting I’m influenced by peer pressure.

I’ve actually never knit a shawl before. It’s true that I started Girasole, but that one might be a bit slow going.

September 19

Pattern: Milkweed by Laura Chau
Yarn: madelinetosh tosh sock in Thunderstorm
Started: 9/6/10
Finished: 9/19/10

I still need to get better / modeled pictures of it. It was a really fun, relatively quick, and pretty easy knit. I put in lifelines after every other chart, but I didn’t need to use them. It was quick to do, though, so I’m sure I would have been glad if I had needed to go back.

I knew it was going to be a pretty small shawlette, but it’s actually smaller than I expected. A good scarfy size, though I might need a pin to keep it from falling off if I want the triangle part in the front. Amanda’s was bigger than mine, so I think I might have to block it out a bit more aggressively… unfortunately the cats “helped” me by taking the pins out overnight.

Over the weekend I was in Oregon and finished my handspun socks:

September 26

Started: 7/5/2010
Finished: 9/24/2010

They’re just simple stockinette socks with some of my older handspun – the fiber is Spunky Eclectic and a gift from my friend Cathy for my birthday a few years ago. I’m not sure why the majority of the yellow ended up on the foot of one sock, but such is the nature of handspun. I spun the yarn and then took forever to knit it.

For the rest of my handspun sock goal (I’ve decided to make 5 pairs by November 2011) I’ll have to get spinning!

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Summer of Stash

After finishing and mailing my secret and complicated project, I was glad to be able to get back to some simple knitting this weekend.

I got quite a bit of knitting done on Blurple Waves, and thought about taking a better progress picture. Of course, I didn’t get around to it until after the sun went down, but it works:


As you can see, it covers my double bed, and is almost halfway done length-wise! Java thought she would help me take the picture.


Which was appropriate since her brother Pan was so helpful with my designing earlier.


As for the post title… I’ve decided to knit from my stash this summer. No new yarn! I have a lovely bunch of yarn already, and I just picked up some more on the LYS tour in May. I figured the summer would be a good time to focus on using yarn I already have. And because I don’t think I really showed it much after I moved, here is the stash in its home… the knitting nook.

the nook

It lives there with my knitting books and patterns, my spinning wheel, and the little table that I like to photograph yarn and socks on.

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Seriously Noro? SERIOUSLY?!?

OK, I wasn’t going to blog today. And this doesn’t even really count, but I just have to get this off my chest.

May 8

These 6 (yes, six!) balls of yarn come from about the last 1/3 of ONE 50g skein of Noro Kureyon. In which I already joined at least two other knots while knitting my sweater. And then after joining the turquoise – which was one of several colors knotted totally out of sequence – I knit not even a whole stripe before hitting another knot. Then I noticed a knot on the outside of the skein and decided I’d better rewind it.

Now, I know that knots are in yarn. That’s the way it goes. And if I encounter one or two in a ball I’m slightly miffed but understanding. And Noro is notorious for having lots of knots, and often having knots with two totally different colors tied together. There’s a section on the back of my other Noro sweater where the color sequence goes back two stripes and then repeats.

Yeah, it’s annoying, but slightly less so when you can splice the yarn as you can with Kureyon. But this? This is not acceptable. And the yarn isn’t cheap either! Beautiful, but not pretty enough to make this OK.

Ugh. Somebody remind me of this the next time I want to knit a Noro sweater.

(On a slightly happier note, progress is being made on the Kureyon Hoodie.)

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The WIPs

Every once in a while, I realize that I have a lot of WIPs (cough 19 cough!), and I try to do something about it.

I focused on finishing up my Twists and Turns socks from the last post, and then moved on to my special Blue Moon Cast On socks in STR Rare Gem yarn:

May 5

I initially cast on for the Braided Gem pattern from Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn, but it wasn’t working out. I have this thing about patterns – I’m happy to do more “complicated” knitting if it ends up looking complicated – like Twisted Flower, for example. But honestly my preference, and what gets done the fastest, are relatively simple socks.

Not necessarily plain stockinette or ribbing, I think Monkey and Jaywalker are good examples of socks that look complicated but are actually really simple to knit. But if there’s a lot of switching between knits and purls and paying attention to which row I’m on, or maneuvering stitches around each other… Well let’s just say it had better look awesome. This pattern in this yarn didn’t, so I changed to a 5×1 rib.

Then last night at knitting I started my Central Park Hoodie!

May 7

It doesn’t look like much yet, but I have high hopes.


Knit & Crochet Blog Week – Day 7

Well, the blog week is coming to an end today, but I had fun. It definitely motivated me to post more than usual!

Day 7: What a Yarn

There’s one love that we all share: yarn. Blog about a particular yarn you have used in the past or own in your stash, or perhaps one that you covet from afar. If it is a yarn you have used you could show the project that you used it for, perhaps writing a mini ‘review’. Perhaps, instead, you pine for the feel of the almost mythical qiviut? You could explore and research the raw material and manufacturing process if you were feeling investigative.

The vast majority of the yarn that I own is sock yarn, and I usually post a mini-review whenever I complete a pair of socks with a yarn I haven’t used before. So today I’ll talk about another yarn, a worsted weight yarn… Malabrigo.

I love this yarn. It’s soft, the colors are gorgeous, and it’s pretty affordable. I remember when Manos was all the rage and I discovered Malabrigo – it’s a little more evenly spun but just as beautiful, softer, and less expensive!

The only thing I’ve knit in Malabrigo worsted so far was a hat and scarf set in January 2006:

Short Row Rib scarf and matching hat

It was knit with two balls of Indigo, and I even had a little bit left over! For a yarn I love so much, it’s kind of weird that I’ve only used it once, and so long ago…

But I have a big upcoming project that I’m actually swatching for today:


I’ve been planning to make Central Park Hoodie for a while, and I even bought yarn for it a while back, but you know me and sweaters… Well a couple of weeks ago Aubriana and I were talking about knitting sweaters and the Central Park Hoodie and decided to do it together, starting this Thursday at knitting! So today while we’re knitting and eating cupcakes, I’m going to swatch.