A while back (February 2007, to be exact) I designed a pattern and knit a pair of socks for a friend. It was something that I had been looking for, but I couldn’t really find anything like it. I decided to just do it myself.

Once I finished the pattern, however, I didn’t know what to do with it. I contemplated submitting it to Magknits or Knitty but I never did because, honestly, I fear rejection. Maybe it’s not complicated enough! So I just held onto it and kept it a big secret – all written up with pictures and everything.

Well tonight I was talking to MJ and I decided to just take the plunge! She’s been ever so nice to host the PDF for me so I can release the pattern to all of you. I hope someone makes them!

So without further ado I present…


The pattern is written for a light fingering weight yarn, but because of the construction it should be fairly easy to modify for other sizes or yarn weights. Let me know if you need any help. :)

The pattern is available as a PDF download via Ravelry: download now