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Back to that contest thing….

So remember back when I had the contest?

Right, well my sock knitting was not half as fast as most of you predicted, and I now know that the winner will be Cindy who guessed November 15th (the latest guess) – and she won’t even be off by too much.

Unfortunately, Cindy is also unidentifiable – so if you’re she could you please contact me?

Now, back to the sock knitting news. Actually the second half of my Thanksgiving extravaganza was pretty much knitting-free. I finished up those Monkey socks and cast on for the Ripples sock in Yarn Pirate Plum Gorgeous at the train station.

And *then*….

I went shopping, went out for coffee, walked around Greenlake with turtle hot chocolate from Chocolati, had deep philosophical discussions, ate Indian food, and did other assorted non-knitting things for the rest of the trip. And today on the plane? I read about 250 pages of The Time Traveler’s Wife instead of knitting. (Shocking, I know.)

Listening to: Enjoy the Silence ~ Depeche Mode, Taking Over Me ~ Evanescence

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Olympia, WA

Alphamonkey has a bad habit of visiting state capitals and not posing with the capital buildings, but he did see the Farmers Market complete with a big bell:

…and the fish ladder.

Aside from getting Alphamonkey ready to go and finishing the other Monkeys I didn’t get too much knitting done on this trip. But tomorrow is another travel day, so we’ll see!


Hanging in Portland

I’m still on my whirlwind travel around the west coast, but today was spent in Portland, then on the train to Olympia.

My little sister was nice to show me around Portland and oblige me by being the main sock photographer. Our first stop (after coffee) was the PGE faces.

Next we saw these adorable otters.

And then we hopped on a bus over to Hawthorne St.

We even found a very appropriate store there for Alphamonkey:

And after the train ride Alpha has someone to look up to – pair #98

Pattern: Monkey by Cookie A.
Yarn: Trekking XXL
Finished: 11/23/07

Sorry Z, I was originally only going to be around for a bit this afternoon but then I ended up coming last night.

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Alpha has Thanksgiving!

I was afraid perhaps my family would think I was a little crazy bring a tourist sock to Thanksgiving, but instead they got really into it and even suggested things for Alpha to do during his stay.

While we cooked the dinner Alpha just relaxed by the fire:

Finally dinner was ready and we all sat down at the table.

We had a lovely dinner and Alpha got to have some of the pumpkin pie he was trying to steal earlier.

Today Alpha and I are in Portland, OR and I’m going to show him the town.

I also got some pictures of my mom knitting socks:

Listening to: O’Sailor ~ Fiona Apple


Alphamonkey Goes to the Beach!


A beachy interlude:

I’m writing from Arch Cape where Alphamonkey and I are spending Thanksgiving with my family.

Alphamonkey has been getting into trouble and stealing the pie.

And my room has this beautiful doorknob:

The first two photos were taken by my mom who is learning to knit socks now. I asked her to take a picture but she wanted to wait until she had more progress, so expect that one tomorrow.

Listening to: Muzzle ~ Smashing Pumpkins

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My first day here I went to breakfast, had coffee at the Panama Hotel (complete with a bit of knitting on the Monkey socks) and played at the park.

The park is one of my favorites and has some new stuff since I was there last.

I really liked these little chairs, and especially the way the light was hitting them.

And here’s my current progress on the Monkeys. I’m about to leave for a long car trip so I’m sure more will get done then.

I probably won’t post again til Friday but I’ll write something tomorrow and save it til then.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Travel or It is still Tuesday in Seattle!

Today Alphamonkey joined me on a journey west. He was very excited (and slightly hopped up on caffeine) at the airport.

Yes, I have sunk to a new low and am blaming my frou-frou Starbucks beverage on a sock. I may need professional help.

After a loooong (6 hour) flight we are finally at our Seattle home where it is still Tuesday. I’m about ready to claim my bed back.

This does bring up an interesting question of what I will do about posting on Thursday and possibly Friday when I’ll be without internet access. So here’s a question – is it more cheating to post ahead or to write on the actual day and post it later?

Oh, wait, this is a knitting blog… I knit Alphamonkey’s companion Monkey socks on the way here and got quite a bit done. I’m in the gusset with a predicted finish tomorrow.

Listening to: Warm Hands Cold Heart ~ 27

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The Monkey Convention

Alphamonkey has been enjoying his stay in Boston and has been invited to many exciting events. The day today started with a bang as the first snowflakes were visible in the morning on his way to wait for me at work.

After work, however, he was excited to join the very exclusive First Annual Boston Monkey Convention.

While there he had the opportunity to meet another pair of Monkey socks-in-progress and some assorted other monkeys.

After the convention he experienced an intense sensation of personal growth.

Just as he thought it was about time to leave, he heard about this thing called “Thanksgiving” and “postal holiday” and he thought better of it. Instead he had the chance to travel across the US, visit the beach, and experience a real American Thanksgiving. He decided to stay on a few extra days.

Listening to: The Leaving Song Pt. 2 ~ A.F.I., Smile ~ Kitty F Band

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Teaching Socks

Earlier this year I promised my mom I would teach her to knit socks next time we were together. My mom taught me to knit as a child and although she’s knit many beautiful and intricate baby sweaters, she’s never knit socks or used a circular needle – in fact I don’t think she’s even knit with DPNs.

Well, I’ll be seeing her over Thanksgiving next week! I’ve decided to teach her Magic Loop since that’s my preferred method, but I probably won’t show her two at once – at least not the first time. I was reminded last night when knitting on Alphamonkey how awkward I find DPNs. (No offense to all of you DPN lovers out there, it’s just not my thing!)

Or maybe I should bring both options for my mom… thoughts?

Anyway, it gave me a good excuse to buy yarn, and to buy yarn that I probably wouldn’t buy for myself.

I chose Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Ruby River because I thought a slightly heavier weight yarn would be good for time purposes. My mom likes red (one of my least favorite colors) and I’d been admiring this yarn for a while. I wouldn’t want it myself, but even I could tell that it was a beautiful color! You’ll have to take my word on this one because the above picture is the best I could get – with daylight savings time I never get home before dark to take photos.

In totally non-knitting news, stariPod lives! Yes, my blue iPod mini is alive again. I was very attached to it, but when the battery went I got a blue nano. However, stariPod was still sitting on my desk so when I heard about buying a new battery online I decided to give it a shot. Well it arrived today and it took me about a half hour from opening the package and reading through the instructions to having my iPod back together with the new battery. I think stariPod is back. :)


Plugging away…

So, how’s NaBloPoMo going for you? It’s hard for me to say if it’s a good or bad thing just yet – I’m not finding it too difficult to blog every day since I *do* knit every day, I just hope it isn’t too boring for the readers!

Today was actually somewhat eventful in my knitting world. I got my Ravelry T-shirt:

See, now you know what gauge is for Ravelry. 😉

I baked some banana bread:

And I knit on some neglected WIPs. Clementine and Madder Rib, to be exact. Here’s my measly progress on Madder Rib:

Pan likes to help by inspecting the items being photographed.

The yarn, Fabel, was a gift from my fab SP jochibi.*

See, the thing is, I don’t really like ribbing. (Yes, I know I just knit an entire sweater in 2×2 rib.) I think this pattern will turn out well in this yarn, but I don’t enjoy the actual process of knitting the ribbing much. I often get the urge to cast something on, start it, and then leave it lying around in a sock bag on the top of my dresser stalled at the ribbing, like I did with these guys. Unfortunately for them, they’re *entirely* ribbing. I started them in October but then got sidetracked with the Frankensocks and the Secret Spook socks.

* Funny thing… I was looking back at that post from when I first got the Fabel yarn and I realized I had written about buying thread to sew my Spork. Well today I actually did some of the sewing on Spork too! I need to locate the bag that contains the straps and clippies to hold the flap closed, but I had the bag itself with the shoulder strap and I sewed the ends of that strap together and sewed them to the sides of the bag so the Spork is now usable.

It’s a little smaller than I thought it would be, which may be due to the felting – I didn’t use the same yarn as specified in the pattern – and it’s also a little more floppy than I’d like. Although, after the success of helping Rachel line her bag and my recent experiences with sewing on my knitted items, maybe I’ll line it…

But, at any rate, it’s a very good pattern and produces an adorable bag. It would also be really easy to size up or down, or to change the shape, just by doing some simple math.

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