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At last!

Well, I have been slacking on my promised post with more about Sock Summit. The problem, you see (other than all the secret knitting keeping me busy) is that I have camnesia. It’s a horrible disease where I bring my camera to Sock Summit yet take pretty much no pictures. It’s true, I have a couple of pictures of my socks in progress and a few more of food. That’s it.

So I borrowed some from Shannon Okey.

Here’s Shannon’s picture of me in the Cooperative Press booth. It’s not a great picture of me, but I spent lots of time in the booth, and I helped hang up all those socks. :) Plus, it proves I was actually at Sock Summit.


The Monday after Sock Summit, Shannon and I headed to Knit Picks where we got to hang out, see pretty yarn, and make some videos. Here’s me about to be interviewed by Stacey:


Of course, my eyes are closed. Maybe there’s a reason there aren’t more pictures of me at Sock Summit!

And further proof… my friend noticed that I am visible in Harry’s (Franklin’s ball of sock yarn) Sock Summit adventure video. I’m trying to squeeze out of the Goth Socks booth at about 2:14 in the video.

So now that you believe that I was there, here’s what I got…


Just in case you were wondering, I still like blue.

L to R

Canon Hand Dyes Charles Sock Yarn

2 skeins of Three Fates Yarns Tethys Sock

superwash fiber from MacKintosh Yarns

a Magic Ball from Sophie’s Toes

Fiber Optic Yarns Foot Notes

Sanguine Gryphon Skinny Bugga

And the Goth Socks:


The two on the right are the same, I’m hoping to knit some gothy knee socks.

While I was photographing yarn, I thought I’d give you a sneak peek of some of the yarns that are going to be in my book – some of them are from Sock Summit, some aren’t.


It’s not a complete list, since some (strangely the warmer colors!) are currently being knit. But the ones pictured here are (L to R):

ms. gusset



MacKintosh Yarns

more Swoonish

kitchen sink dyeworks

Now back to knitting!

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Last week was a whirlwind of socks!

Thursday morning I woke bright (ok, actually dark) and early to get on a train to Portland and Sock Summit. To be truthful, I was waking at 5am after a 2 hour “nap”, since I stayed up til 3am packing and wondering where my summer clothes were once I heard it was going to be in the 80s in Portland. We haven’t had much summer this year.

After a train trip of knitting and dozing, I arrived and sat down for a bit of knitting:

Then I met up with the lovely Stephania of Three Fates yarns to hand over my sock samples. I totally should have gotten a picture of them hanging in her booth, but alas I did not.

I helped Shannon set up at the Cooperative Press booth and had my first Voodoo Donut, scored a bit of Goth Socks when the market opened, and then went and sold CP grab bags until it closed again and we went to get dinner.

Friday morning I had a class, then headed to the market place where I alternated between helping at the CP booth and wandering the marketplace while knitting the socks above. I bought a few more skeins of yarn too. Just before leaving, Cookie A took a picture of my Twisted Flower socks!

I was lucky enough to have dinner with some fun and fabulously knitty people, including Kate Atherley who designed the My Vampire Boyfriend socks which I am currently neglecting – but they’re awesome socks, and I’m totally going to finish them! – and Sarah from Sanguine Gryphon.

Saturday was more marketplacing and booth-sitting, and dinner with a friend who was down for just the day, then early to bed.

Sunday morning we could barely get out of bed – sometimes all the socky excitement is just too much! But we managed and headed into Sock Summit for one last fun-filled day. I skipped out for lunch and took the Max downtown with Lacey, where we knit socks… of course.

Socks around Portland

Afterwards I had a low key dinner with Shannon and then she got a tattoo! I love accompanying people on their tattoo appointments!

Then it was up even more early on Monday to head over to Knit Picks. I saw fabulous new yarns, met Stacey who I had only corresponded with by email, and filmed some video.

On the train home, I finished some socks:

Yarn: Jarbo Mini Raggi
Started: 4/29/11
Finished: 8/1/11

And the rest (including the yarn) will have to wait for later. Too much fun!


Hedera, Spinning, and the Road to the Summit!

I finished my first KAL with the 52 Pair Plunge group, Hederaesque:

Pattern: A modified version of Hedera
Yarn: Cavyshops Merino Fingering in Tea Party
Started: 7/1/11
Finished: 7/24/11

A pretty pathetic start, but my July knitting was seriously hampered by my participation in Tour de Fleece.

I finished a skein of BMFA in Little Bunny Foo Foo:

And started some lovely Cloudlover superwash BFL in Hoarfrost:

These past few weeks I’ve spun more than I had in the past year! (And there’s the knitting lull to show for it.)

In addition, I’ve been preparing for my trip to Sock Summit with a very important task… sock laundry.

Sock laundry

The bottom half of the drying rack is hidden behind a table and out of the picture. So yeah, I have a lot of handknit socks. Obviously I won’t be able to wear (or even bring!) them all to Sock Summit, but I figured it was as good a reason as any to take a picture of all my clean socks.

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First Socks

As predicted, the Fruity Monkeys were the first socks of the new year.

Yarn: Claudia Hand Painted Fingering in Passion Fruit
Pattern: Monkey by Cookie A
Started: 12/27/10
Finished: 1/3/10

Eight days, and believe it or not I worked on other things in the meantime. Mostly Girasole, which *will* be finished while the new year is still young. :)


A few years ago I had an idea about matching up stash yarn with patterns, putting it all in brown paper bags, and creating my own sock club. The Yarn Harlot later blogged about a very similar idea. (I have a feeling this was during the Fiber Cult era, since I can’t find any mention of it on my blog but I *know* other people heard me talk about it.)

Anyway, I never did it, and this year I’m not quite doing it as planned, but I have decided to knit at least 24 pairs of socks and to choose two specific ones to complete each month. One simple pair, and one more complex. I’ve decided that WIPs count for this purpose, and this month’s picks are Monkey – finished already, go me! – and Leafling from the Rockin’ Sock Club in March 2008. (Yes, I’m behind, what?)

Hopefully this will help inspire me to finish some of the longstanding WIPs and also to get things done in a timely fashion.


A pattern I test-knitted also just became public. Though I usually knit socks 2 at a time, this is just the one finished – knit single in the interest of time. The second one is a bit into the leg, but not one of my designated socks for this month.

Yarn: Girl on the Rocks Superwash BFL Nylon in Caddy
Pattern: Desmondus Socks by Chrissy Gardiner

I believe this is my first purchase from Sock Summit that I’ve knitted up… well, partially.

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Well, this is a knitting blog, and so I shall talk about yarn.

First off, I was in a swap on the knittyboard – you may have seen my earlier package posted in the beginning of August. Well for the 2nd month of the swap the person that we originally sent *to* sent back to us. I was away for a few days in the first week of September, but I came home on Labor Day to find this:

SP Package

My pal sent me a couple skeins of Wildfoote, some handmade soap, notecards, a needle case, 2 skeins of Cotton Ease, and a “Blast Off Spinners” shooter thing. The last is for the cats – I haven’t tried it yet since I was a bad recipient and didn’t take a picture until today, but I’m sure they’ll enjoy it soon.

And now for a bit more yarn talk… I’ve been using the end of my Summer of Stash to make sure all my sock yarn is up on Ravelry. So no, I did not just buy all of that yarn that went up on Ravelry. For the most part it was from Sock Summit (yes, it took me a year to get it up on my stash) or yarn clubs, but a bit was from the yarn crawl in May. None of it was bought this summer, as I haven’t been buying yarn since June 21st.

While I may buy the occasional skein once my stash commitment is over on the 23rd, I’m still going to stick to my 3:1 rule (using 3 times as much yarn as I buy).

I also need to get crackin’ on some of these WIPs, so I can cast on this:


Yes, candy corn socks, here I finally come!

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Toe Up Socks

As some of you know, I’m not a big toe-up sock knitter. There are a few reasons for this. I’ve only found one toe-up heel that fits my feet well. One of the main benefits of knitting socks toe-up is not having to worry about running out of yarn, and I don’t usually have to worry about that anyway. The gusset is my favorite part of the sock, and toe-up socks don’t usually have a gusset.

Sometimes I do knit socks toe up, but then I use a gusseted short row heel, which means more calculating when to start the increases on the foot to end up on the right pattern row to start the leg after the heel. In this case, cuff down is just easier.

But, toe up socks have been playing a bit of a role in my life lately, so here goes…

I have an extra signed copy of Chrissy Gardiner’s new book Toe-Up! to give away! I helped proofread the book, and picked up two copies at Sock Summit – one for me and one for the lucky winner. I’ll also throw in a PDF copy of my newest sock pattern – also knit toe-up – Falling Up.

And, as a little bonus for the runner up, they get a copy of my pattern too.

So, how do you win these fabulous prizes? Well, just guess how many pairs worth of sock yarn I bought at Sock Summit. I’ll give you some time to contemplate – entries will close on August 25th.

Listening to: The Drapery Falls ~ Opeth


Oh Snarfy…

One of the fab Salem knitters, Snarfy, had her birthday at Sock Summit on Saturday. I wanted to give her these socks before leaving Oregon last weekend, but they weren’t quite done. (See, the socks actually have nothing whatsoever to do with her birthday, but I figured it was a good occasion.)


Yarn: Dashing Dachs in Froggin’
Started: 5/20/09
Finished: 8/13/09

I posted this yarn in my stash on Ravelry one day, and Snarfy commented “OMG hot”. I almost thought it a joke because… well let’s just say this yarn is not really my style – but you could have guessed that. Of course, while I was knitting it I got comments both ways, so it seems that Snarfy isn’t the only one who really liked this yarn.

In case you’re wondering, skeined up it looked like this:


I got it from the Woolgirl club, and it was destined to sit in my stash for all eternity… but then Snarfy rescued it. Since I hadn’t used Dashing Dachs before, I told her I’d knit the socks.

The base yarn is that standard 2-ply merino that many indie dyers use or have used – I can’t remember the name off the top of my head, but it’s quite thin and rather loosely plied. It knits up nicely, though. Even though the colors weren’t my favorites, I have to say I’m impressed with the dyeing. The black is *very* black and most of the colors have pretty clear “borders” and don’t bleed into each other. The light blue does blend a bit with the bright green to make it a little bit of a darker green, but it looks good. And the bright green and yellow sort of fade into each other. But there aren’t any muddy spots where the colors touch, which I was really pleased with.* Overall a very nice yarn!

* When taking the dyeing class with Tina from Blue Moon at sock camp, she talked about how she loves the magic of the colors blending together and forming other colors in between. Maybe it’s my analytical / control freak tendencies speaking, but I can’t say the same. 😉

Listening to: the menu music for Tru Calling… I’d better go finish my DVD!

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Adventures at Sock Summit

Well, last weekend was one full of sock knitting adventures.

Friday afternoon I drove down to Portland with one of my Seattle knitting friends. We met up with a few other knitters for dinner – there was a wait for tapas so we headed up to The Secret Society while we waited, which ended up being my dinner. My mom picked me up and took me back to Salem, but I hear the tapas place was really good.

Saturday morning I got up bright and early and met some of the Salem knitters for the trip up to Sock Summit. We hit the marketplace and attempted to proceed in an orderly fashion, somewhat hampered by the fact that we kept pausing in different booths and I kept stopping every three minutes to say hi to yet another person that I know. I actually never really thought about how many knitters I know, but it is a lot and they were well-represented at Sock Summit.

After lunch at Burgerville (where they are so nice as to put the calorie count on your receipt and totally spoil your lunch!) we made a quick detour to go see our friend’s lovely yarn and the samples we knit from it!

And my pattern was there too!

And then… there was more shopping. And a bit of knitting, and dinner, and Ravelry partying. I didn’t take any pictures.

Sunday I did a quick last look at the marketplace before heading home. I wish I had more time, but I guess I’ll just remember that for next time. It was amazing, even without the classes and events!

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Off to the Summit!

There has been quite a bit of sock knitting going on around my house these past few weeks, but tomorrow I am off to the Sock Summit!

But first, here are some Monkey socks I knit in a swap:


Pattern: Monkey
Yarn: Pine Woods Yarn – I bought this at SPA a couple of years ago
Started: 7/12/09
Finished: 7/26/09

Forgive the bad picture, I misplaced my camera battery so I just snapped that with my iPhone before sending them off to the recipient.

The yarn was really lovely. I bought it because it was the “best” color there, a blue-green, but I didn’t use it because it just seemed too green to me. As soon as I started knitting the socks for someone else I wished I had kept that pretty yarn for myself, but I have plenty of beautiful yarn for me so I’m glad these socks went to a home where they’ll be loved. The yarn is a wool-nylon blend and it was very nice to work with and produced a very nice sock. I think it will wear quite well too, as it’s more of a firm stringy texture – more like Trekking than the sproingy Socks That Rock, for example.

As for Sock Summit, I’m not taking any classes. Just planning on hanging out at the marketplace with my knitting buddies on Saturday and going to the Ravelry party, of course. I’m also excited to see a couple sample socks I knit and my newest pattern, Falling Up for sale there.

The mission? Only buy semi-solid yarns. I’ve been using a lot of them lately while designing and knitting more complex patterns and the variegated yarn isn’t getting as much love, so I think it’s time to stock up.

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Falling Up

Remember this?


Well, a while back I designed a sock with my friend Stephania’s yarn, and now her yarn and my pattern are going to be hanging out together at Sock Summit. :) (Her etsy shop is Three Fates Yarns and she has some lovely semi-solids up now!)

So it’s time to introduce Falling Up!


The idea for this pattern was based on a sweater I saw at the mall while visiting my mom in Salem. In fact, I was walking out of the mall with my mom when I suddenly saw a sweater with some lace panels and snapped a quick picture with my iPhone. It took a while, but eventually Stephania gave me this yarn to design with and the idea came together. After some swatching I finally figured out a similar pattern (I think it’s slightly better, my decreases make more defined vertical columns) but there was one little problem…

It had to be knit toe-up.

Now, it’s not that I dislike toe-up socks, it’s just that it’s hard to find a heel that fits me well. There’s one, and it’s the one I used in this sock. But doing a gusset in a toe up sock requires a lot more thinking and calculation to figure out when you need to start the increases to have your pattern line up with a certain row for the leg. There’s the number of increases, which you use to find the number of rows, which you then plug into the pattern to figure out which pattern row you’ll end on… it’s much easier to just *end* on a certain row (like in a cuff-down sock).


But I persevered, and came out with some lovely socks that have all that annoying stuff figured out for you already!

It will be making it’s in-person debut at the Knit A Bit booth #808 at Sock Summit, with a sample sock and Stephania’s beautiful yarns, but the pattern itself is up for sale on Ravelry right now.

Listening to: Dark Waters ~ Brave, Digital Bath ~ Deftones

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