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Well, the secret knitting is finally done for now, though it’s not un-secret yet.

But, in secrets that are no longer, I got a package from my no-longer-secret pal today!

sp package 1

This was an interesting swap, in that we weren’t allowed to spend any money other than shipping. We sent yarn from stash, things we had crafted, etc.

sp package 2

My fabulous pal, mugwump, sent me some yarn, some patterns, an adorable project bag which I think she sewed, and a knit hemp grocery bag!

In fact, she did such a great job that she sent me a couple skeins of Melody (bottom left, 1st picture) in a color that I already have! No worries as this month I’ll be sending her a package which will probably include some socks out of that very yarn!

And, as for things that aren’t secret at all, I was at Stitch & Pitch on Thursday!

August 5

My Summer Sox were the selected project, and I got quite a bit done! I also had fun with a few knitting buddies, including my friend Nicole who has never been to a baseball game!


She was knitting this lace bolero:


Sadly the game itself was extremely boring, with no runs for the first 6 innings. Good thing we had our knitting!


Yarn? Is that you?

A while back I ordered some Opal Feelings yarn on eBay. I’ve wanted some – particularly the blue one – since it came out a couple years ago, and now that it’s gone I still wanted some. I’ve been waiting patiently for it to come in the mail.

Well, the weather in Seattle has been particularly bad these past few days, and tonight when I arrived home I was getting my mail out in the rain (and in the dark, I hate you DST!), I grabbed a package which I thought was a book that I’m also expecting. But upon bringing it to my apartment, I realized it was my yarn. Except… book shaped.

yarn vac

Yes, my yarn was vacuum packed. Supposedly to save on shipping, but I’ve found that yarn shipping to and from Canada is really very reasonable via air mail. In any case, it was amusing. I made a cut in the bag and a hissing sound started and soon I had two very normal (if slightly flat) balls of yarn:

yarn out

Yay for Opal Feelings!

Now, as for the knitting, there have been many secret projects lately. A pair of socks which I forgot to take a picture of (but one has been promised by the recipient) and this:

ravenclaw scarf

You may remember the other Harry Potter scarves – I knit one of the old style for each house, though I never got pictures of the Slytherin one. Well, this PoA one is a gift. 😀

That is a lot of stockinette. Even more than the first ones, because this scarf is longer. Whew! But it’s done and I think it turned out really well. It’s on the way to it’s new home and I hope she likes it!

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Things I Love

Well, thanks to my V-day SP (again) I have something to post today too!


While I walking up the driveway with two dogs and an armful of mail, my SP box was making scary rattling noises. I was worried something was broken, but all was well. (Also, an aside, I love how my SP wrapped everything up individually. I don’t usually do that when I send boxes mostly because I don’t have festive wrapping and tissue around and don’t think to go buy it, and partially because I’m kind of lazy unconcerned with presentation.)

Anyway, the little packages were unwrapped to reveal this:


Clockwise in a spiral: A pretty handmade card, raspberry jam which looks delicious!, some beads to make a necklace / bracelet, a button describing the steps of Kitchener Stitch, a bath… thing (not salts, but something bath-y), chai flavored mints!, Panda licorice (Hey! Pandas! Was that a clue yesterday?), a skein of Dream In Color Classy in Night Watch, an organic dark chocolate truffle bar, a grow your own wand, with a star on it, cherry 3 Musketeers.

My SP says a lot of the package is local to her area and where she spends the summers, which is a really cool idea. :) I’m going to the ocean with my family over Valentine’s Day this weekend so I’ll bring the licorice to share. I like licorice, but some of my family *loves* it. But that dark chocolate truffle bar is all for me!

The yarn is for my Blurple Waves blanket. You haven’t seen it since I first started, but now it looks like this:


It’s my blanket for all my random blue and purple worsted weight – a lot of which was gifted to me by SPs. I figured it would be nice to have it all together in a big project instead of making countless hats and scarves. At the moment it’s looking pretty purple, though. Maybe this Classy should go in next.


That middle stripe (Eskimo by Bouton d’Or, from a past SP) is actually a light blue, but the lavender above (Woolarina handspun, prize from the Knittyboard WIP-along) makes it look purple. You can see more details on the Ravelry project page.

In other knitting news, I spent some time last night making Excel versions of the charts for a couple of patterns – Marble Arches from the 2006 Rockin’ Sock Club and The Mystic Sea from my first time at sock camp. I started these socks ages ago and had to rip them out because I couldn’t find my notes on pattern modifications or I forgot which size needles I used. I took screenshots of the charts and put them on my iPhone! I love my iPhone. Now I can start up the socks at home and not have to worry about carrying patterns with me when I take them to knitting group. :)

Listening to: Closure ~ Opeth, Nightdriver ~ Klimt 1918

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Dear USPS,

Today I got a lovely card from my Valentine’s Day swap pal.


Isn’t that panda adorable? It’s a pop-up card! She says hi and tells me that there’s more to come – I can’t wait. 😀

I also received a second envelope from the USPS:


Click to embiggen if you can’t read it.

Now, I see two problems with this situation.

#1 (noted in red) – The collection envelope states there is 34 cents postage on the envelope, when there is very clearly $1.

#2 (noted in purple) – My SP went into the post office and had a postal worker weigh and put the postage on this envelope – that is apparent from the kind of label which is on it. I know, I spend lots of time at the post office, and even the label from the APC is not like that. So even if there *is* 34 cents postage due, that is not my fault and not my SP’s fault!

Sorry USPS, you’re just going to have to eat that 34 cents since it was your own mistake. After being incredulous, I was actually quite amused by this. Thanks SP for inadvertently giving me some extra amusement today.

Now, let me say that overall our postal system is very good. I know that, and I appreciate it. Sure, packages get lost. Sure, they keep raising the rates. But on the whole we have an efficient and affordable postal system, and I’m glad it works as well as it does. But this? This is just silly! 😛

And yes, this post is only very tangentially related to knitting. Sorry. Um, look, socks!


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Flat Feet Finished

A while back I got some Flat Feet from my amazing SP Aspiring Crazy Cat Lady and started a pair of Undulating Rib socks with it, promising to chronicle the progress. Well I fell down a bit on that last part, but the socks are now finished!

The yarn to the right is what was left – quite a bit actually. As you can see the Flat Feet didn’t knit up all that differently than any “normal” hand dyed yarn. It still has the characteristic spirals, as I said before this is probably because of the way this particular flat was painted. In any case it made a very nice pair of socks!

Pattern: Undulating Rib from Favorite Socks
Yarn: Flat Feet
Started: 3/16/08
Finished: 5/24/08

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Sock Madness – now with Wollmeise! (and don’t forget SP stuff!)

Yesterday while in the throes of Sock Madness the doorbell rang – this can only mean one thing: mail. So I went downstairs and the mailman handed me a box and asked if it was yarn. (Hee hee.) I was a little embarrassed by the fact that the mailman apparently knows me so well, but I was actually not at all sure what was in the box.

Turns out the mailman was right.


It was the final package from my super SP – Aspiring Crazy Cat Lady. I got a neat mosaic sock pattern with two colors of blue Meilenweit. That definitely looks interesting and I think I’ll use it as packaged, just as soon as I get through some of my more complicated socks. She also sent some hand dyed fiber that she “made” herself. Um, blended herself – that’s the word I’m looking for. It looks gorgeous!

And last but certainly not least… I told her it was my dream to try some Flat Feet – and then when I saw it at SPA I had Cathy convince me not to buy any because I had faith in my SP to come through with the Flat Feet. And come through she did! I’m very excited to use it and it seems that a few knittyboard members are excited to hear about it so I’ll be starting those socks really soon and documenting the process.


Because I’m crazy… I decided to participate in Sock Madness again this year. The truth is that I don’t really care about winning – as evidenced by the fact that on Friday night I decided to just go to bed instead of powering through my socks even though I didn’t have to be up in the morning. (On Thursday I actually went to bed at a reasonable hour, but then I had work as an excuse!)

But I finished well before my division hit 40 so I’m into the next round.


Pattern: Zombie Socks from Sock Madness 2
Yarn: Wollmeise Sockenwolle in Mitternacht
Started: 3/13/08
Finished: 3/15/08

As for the Wollmeise…

Well first off I really really like it. I’m putting this up front because I’m going to be comparing it to other yarns since many people haven’t had the chance to try – or even see and touch – it. But none of these comparisons are better/worse, they’re all just *different*.

The yarn itself is much different than what I’ve come to expect from a handpainted yarn. It’s not a 2 ply or even a 4 ply, it’s an 8 ply. (I counted.) The multiple plies make it a little splitty, but a very little bit. It didn’t really bother me at all after I got used to it while casting on.

It looks very thin and doesn’t really feel soft in the skein. In fact it’s 100% wool but I never would have guessed it, I could have sworn there was some nylon in it. Although it looks very thin it doesn’t really compress at all – I used size 1 (2.25mm) needles and I think they were a good fit – the ballband recommends 2-2.5mm. The resulting fabric is nice and not at all holey*, flexible but I think it will be hard-wearing, and soft.

* All holes seen above are intentional. 😉

The yarn is very dense, but not sproingy at all. I realize that sproingyness is a made up quality – but not by me, no idea who first coined the term – but I suppose most of you know what it is. (For example, Socks That Rock is a pretty dense 2 ply, and it’s very sproingy, Koigu is also a dense 2 ply but less sproingy.) Not exactly springy but more springy and dense combined?

In any case… back to Wollmeise. The properties of the yarn aside, the dyeing is wonderful. The color I used has a very true black, something that’s hard to find in hand dyed yarn. The yarn was very evenly dyed and didn’t have any splotchy spots, and despite the very blackness of the black, the blue and teal-ish bits were bright and true.

The skeins also come in 150g instead of 100g – and 574 yards. For me this is probably enough for 2 pairs of socks – I think I’ll use the remaining yarn for a toe up pair and see how far it goes.

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Yay for SPs and BFF socks!

Friday I got another lovely package from my SP!

The first part was a very special sock pattern and the Soxx Appeal yarn needed to make it:

And the second part was some very pretty Spring yarn she dyed herself!

Thank you SP!

I also finished the BFF socks I was knitting for Cathy:

Pattern: BFF by Cookie A
Yarn: Koigu (Cursed Koigu!) from Cathy
Started: 1/13/08
Finished: 2/29/08

Saturday I went to a knitting event with a pretty new-to-me group which was a lot of fun. I worked mostly on the Uzume socks there. Then on Sunday at Knitsmiths I cast on for Marble Arches (finally!) and worked on those a bit. Looks like I’m in a cast on phase again…


Knitting Excitement

Lots of exciting things happened in my knitting world today!

First off I noticed that Omly tagged/mentioned me as part of her “You Make My Day Award” post. I *am* going to do this too, but I need some time to think and I already have a full slate for today. So off we go:

I got my first SP package today for Knittyboard SP10. It has actually been sitting at the post office for a few days while I worked out a time to go pick it up when they were open.

I got a cool Day/Night journal which has pages going both ways (you have to flip the book over for day or night) which is a very neat idea. I also got some green tea, some Great Adirondack sock yarn, and some very cool stitch markers!

They’re especially great because they’re the ones you can clasp on a stitch to mark for things like cable rounds and such – I always need more of those. :) Thank you Starlight Fairy!!!

Tonight I went out to knit with some of my lovely knitting buddies and stopped by Magpie beforehand and couldn’t resist this shirt:

I’ll admit I also got some freakshow stationary. But no yarn! See, I’m being (kind of) good!

I worked on the BFF socks for Cathy and wanted her approval every time I did a cable twist round. I kept holding the socks towards her making little “eee” noises until she commented on their amazing beauty. I don’t know why, but I’m really excited about these socks.

And when I picked up my SP package this morning I also got the first one from the Neighborhood Fiber Co. Sock Club!

I was really excited about this one because I’ve never tried the yarn and I’m in luck because the first package is blues – my favorite!

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A tragic knitting tale…

As some of you probably recall, I was in a sock swap on the Knittyboard and sent these socks to Jenneke. Well, she sent my package a long time ago, but it still hadn’t arrived. I wasn’t too worried, I’ve had international packages take extended trips before.

So you can imagine how excited I was to see it in my mailbox last night when I got home. (The package was sent from the Netherlands on 8/28 and got here on 10/5 – ugh.)

Well I got the package into my apartment and started to open it, which is when all my excitement turned to anger. See, the package had been opened and little bits of the wrapping had been torn off:

There were also two very mangled bars of chocolate. :( However it was taped up again all beautifully, so because of this and due to the long delay I’m assuming it was held up at customs.

So I opened this wrapped package and found the most beautiful yarn:


Yes, whenever the package was opened the socks were separated from it. I am so sad to think of my socks, which I’m sure were beautiful, floating around lost in customs or wherever they are. I’m definitely going to report it – I called USPS right away and they basically said I could file a “missing item report” but that there is pretty much no chance the socks will be recovered.

I debated writing about it here, but I didn’t want my most observant readers to see that I sent socks to my pal and never got any in return, so I’m putting this out there to say a big “Thank You!” to Jenneke, who sent the package out complete and on time. I already emailed her and told her what happened yesterday.

In any case the yarn is gorgeous and I’m so glad I had such a nice and thoughtful partner who sent me such nice goodies.

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Secret Socks and Sea Socks!

I got word from my SP that she had received her package, so here are one of the secret pairs of socks I knit recently:

No, my SP’s feet are not that small, but she does have a newborn that I hear they fit quite well.

Pattern: baby socks from my head
Yarn: Ruby Sapphire in Vera (leftover from my Sockapalooooza socks from MJ!)

I really love the colors of this yarn and the socks I got were very comfortable, but I did find it a bit splitty while working with it. Worth it, though!

And now for some BIG news…

I’m going on Sea Socks ’08!

I’ve been discussing a trip with my mom for a while, and we were going back and forth between Hawaii and Sea Socks to Alaska. I told her how I wanted to go on Sea Socks but none of my knitting buddies could go with me, but I wasn’t sure that she’d be interested in it.

Now, my mom does know how to knit. In fact, she taught me the basics when I was a little kid. But she has never knit socks. (!) We already had plans to remedy this problem over Thanksgiving and now it’s even more urgent! Tonight while talking to her she said she’d like to go on the cruise, so we’re on! I’m very excited.

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