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Well, this is a knitting blog, and so I shall talk about yarn.

First off, I was in a swap on the knittyboard – you may have seen my earlier package posted in the beginning of August. Well for the 2nd month of the swap the person that we originally sent *to* sent back to us. I was away for a few days in the first week of September, but I came home on Labor Day to find this:

SP Package

My pal sent me a couple skeins of Wildfoote, some handmade soap, notecards, a needle case, 2 skeins of Cotton Ease, and a “Blast Off Spinners” shooter thing. The last is for the cats – I haven’t tried it yet since I was a bad recipient and didn’t take a picture until today, but I’m sure they’ll enjoy it soon.

And now for a bit more yarn talk… I’ve been using the end of my Summer of Stash to make sure all my sock yarn is up on Ravelry. So no, I did not just buy all of that yarn that went up on Ravelry. For the most part it was from Sock Summit (yes, it took me a year to get it up on my stash) or yarn clubs, but a bit was from the yarn crawl in May. None of it was bought this summer, as I haven’t been buying yarn since June 21st.

While I may buy the occasional skein once my stash commitment is over on the 23rd, I’m still going to stick to my 3:1 rule (using 3 times as much yarn as I buy).

I also need to get crackin’ on some of these WIPs, so I can cast on this:


Yes, candy corn socks, here I finally come!

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A Beret!

As promised, here’s one of the two FOs for this week – at this rate I might even have more than two!

Star Crossed Beret

Pattern: Star Crossed Slouchy Beret (Ravelry link)
Yarn: handspun
Started: 1/16/09
Finshed: 1/19/09

The handspun is not my handspun. In fact, this hat is a collaboration between a few crafty people. I’m part of a swap that isn’t knitting related, but quite a few knitters are in it, so I arranged to knit this for someone in exchange for a non-knitting crafty item for my swap pal. And this hat is for *her* swap pal. And yet another person spun the yarn, although I’m not sure what kind of swappy goodness she got. In any case, a collaboration of craftiness.

And the texture shot without flash:

Star Crossed Beret texture

I am perpetually shocked at how fast things knit up when they’re on needles that aren’t 1s or 2s. Surprising, really, use big yarn and big needles and get something quickly! I’ve never knit a beret before, because I’m not really a hat person. My hats are only for very cold weather and I don’t wear anything fancy like berets. That’s one of the things I love about knitting for other people – it gives me a chance to knit things I would never wear!

Now back to the toe decreases on the socky FO for this week…

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Casting on some more…

So, as I said in the last post, that wasn’t all of my casting on frenzy.

Freeing up those size 1 needles allowed me to rescue these little toes which had been hanging out on 2.5mm needles for a few months. (And that was after being the Reversi socks for Sock Madness which I just didn’t like and ended up frogging) I started the toes intending to do the Jacobean socks while coming home from sock camp last April (I know, I know…) but since toe-up socks aren’t my favorite and I needed my size 1s for much more pressing sock concerns… well they got neglected.


Now that the size one needles are free they’re back in action using the Anastasia Socks pattern that I’ve been meaning to make for about forever. Overall a success… so far.

And of course getting the 2.5mm needles out of those toes allowed me to cast on for a much more important pair of socks!

Snail Marriage?

My friend Rachel bought this yarn long ago and I promised to make her socks with it. And I tried, really I did! First I started the Canal du Midi pattern from Knitting On the Road, but I just hated knitting it so much I knew it would never get finished. The socks sat around for about a year until I frogged them, then I moved 3 times in 2 months and the yarn got misplaced. I found it and started one of the patterns from Knitting Vintage Socks, I honestly don’t remember which one, but it also was not a winner.

So now it’s been easily 2 or 3 years and Rachel is getting married in January and asked if I could pretty please make her the socks for her “something blue” and really, how could a friend deny a request like that? Especially since I’ve owed her these socks for years now and have made about 100 other pairs of socks in that time. I am really a bad friend. So I have started the Monkey pattern which is perfectly mindless and never fear, the socks are already much farther than when I took this picture a couple days ago.

And last, but certainly not least, I present Blurple Waves:

Blurple Waves

I thought up this project quite a while back as a solution to all my gorgeous 1 or 2 balls of worsted-ish weight yarns in blue and purple. I got many of them as gifts from the many secret pal swaps I participated in, and a girl can only use so many hats. Plus, as you may have noticed, I don’t knit many hats. These are really beautiful yarns from Lorna’s Laces Worsted to Colinette to yarns from little farms across the US – and they really deserve to be used.

So I came up with this idea… I could knit a blanket in a chevron pattern with all these yarns, since they are all blue and purple and go well together. I can knit up what I have and add to it when I get special gift balls of yarn, and if I start doing SP swaps again I can ask for yarn for it too. :) I had the forethought to buy the needles a few months ago so it was all ready to go, and after casting on 299 stitches (eek!) I’m off!

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Yay for socks!

Remember this tragedy? Well yesterday I got another pair of socks from Jenneke. Or, rather, I got a pair of socks, but it was the second pair she sent.

In any case, they are amazing!

I snapped a few pics this morning before leaving for work as it was about 20 degrees and I wanted to wear my brand new socks. :)

The yarn is Merino-Alpaca from Natural Dye Studio, and they have a twined heel:

They’re so so pretty, super soft and comfy too! Thank you!

Also the fleece seems to be a hot topic – it is my Rhinebeck fleece. I bought it while I was there – you can read about it here. I got a colored fleece so I could dye over it to make heathery yarn, so I do plan to try that. I’m not sure how much yarn I’ll get out of it, but it’s about 5-6 pounds of fiber so probably a lot. I guess that will depend on what weight(s) I spin it at too. I am going to make at least one pair of socks from it, of course.

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Socks again!

First off, I’ve signed up for NaBloPoMo – aka posting every day in my blog in the month of November. I guess this means for once I’ll talk about my WIPs and not pretend that all my knitting springs fully formed from my needles. 😉

Speaking of finished knitting, though…

Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Socknitters Winter Sunset (#94)
Needles: 2.5mm (US 1.5)
Started: 8/24/07 (at the Philly Knitty Fest)
Finished: 10/30/07

Also, Alexis sent some photos of our Secret Spook exchange – I look stupid in all of them but here’s one of Catherine opening her gift:

That’s the little ghost bear I was talking about. 😉

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Secret Spook (with socks, of course)

Last night FiberCult minus Amanda got together to exchange our Secret Spook gifts. Alexis was my Spook and I was Catherine’s. At the moment that I’m writing they both have top posts about the Red Sox winning the World Series, but here you get a different type of socks.

Like these ones (#93):

Pattern: Crosshatch Lace from More Sensational Knitted Socks
Yarn: “This Is Halloween” custom dyed by Macek Designs
Needles: 2.25mm / US size 1

Those are the socks that I knit for Catherine. I didn’t think to get a picture of all of her package before I assembled it, so hopefully she will. There were also some cute pumpkin stitch markers, a candy corn candle, some assorted Halloween goodies (stickers, a pencil) and a little ghost bear.

And then there are these socks:

The (almost) purl-free Monkey socks knit for me by Alexis. Actually she gave me *two* pairs of socks!

The other ones weren’t handknit, though. I also got candy corn tissues, a cute skeleton pail which doubled as gift packaging, glow in the dark nail polish (!), some yummy chocolate, and some lovely Alpaca Sox yarn, which I haven’t tried yet. The backdrop is a Halloween fleece blanket I picked up at Target on the Rhinebeck trip. I plan to use it year round (well, whenever I need a fleece blanket).

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Socks #92 and great swap packages!

Real life has been extremely busy lately, but I’ve gotten a couple of packages that I should share and finished some socks.

Socks #91 are a gift and won’t be shown for a bit, but socks #92 aren’t secret:

Pattern: Chevron from Sensational Knitted Socks
Yarn: Regia Crazy Colors 6-ply
Started: 6/19/07
Finished: 9/30/07

I started these back during the Secret Solstice sock disaster, but I put them down pretty much entirely after that. I needed a simple and public knit the other day and picked them back up, and now they’re done!

Now for the swap packages…

First off, I got a beautiful pair of socks and some other goodies from Suemoon in the Knittyboard Sock Exchange Part Deux (or KBSX2 for short):

The socks are Monkeys (my first although I’ve knit some) and she sent me a cute sheepy bag and some yummy chocolate from afar. I also *almost* knit Monkeys for her, but luckily I didn’t!

And the other swap package I got was from a Ravely swap entitled Rock Out with Your Socks Out:

My amazing pal, Lisa, even had some Ruby Sapphire yarn custom dyed for me in my fave colors and named after me!

That’s me in yarn form, alright!

Thanks so much to both of my pals! Hopefully I’ll get a little more knitting and blogging time this week – I’ve even started my Rhinebeck sweater.

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Socks and Mail

Well, the rainbow sock is finished which brings my sock count up to 90 pairs total, and gets rid of that pesky 1/2. Not too long to go til 100!

Yesterday I went to the post office and picked up a couple of packages, and then got home to find another waiting for me – a very good yarny mail day.

First off, my final SP9 package from my amazing pal jochibi:

I was lucky enough to meet her this spring at Maryland Sheep & Wool along with a bunch of other knittyheads, so when she told me we had met it wasn’t *too* much of a clue. She sent some beautiful Socks That Rock in the Space Dust colorway, which was my camp name. She also sent emergency chocolate, a cute fish bath fizzy, honey to go with the myriad of different kinds of chai that she has added to my collection, some more chai, Werther’s Original candies that are a little different from the normal ones, and come nice hand lotion.

Thanks jochibi for being such a great pal! :)

Now on to some other mail…

I got my latest Yarntini club shipment:

With some orange, but actually quite pretty yarn, orange lip balm, and one of those nifty little DPN holders.

I also got some Wollmeise via a swap with Peachy:

The colors are Veilchen (violet, like the flower) and Mitternacht (midnight).

Listening to: Undone ~ 27, A Desolation Song ~ Agalloch

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More Swap Socks

My pal Suemoon got her socks, so now I can post them! (She has pictures on her blog too!)

Pattern: Child’s Sock in Miranda Pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks
Yarn: Sunshine Yarns in Sweet
Started: 8/19/07
Finished: 9/2/07

I’m going to leave it at that for now as I’m pretty busy, but I’ll be back later with more content, promise!

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As promised, yarny goodness

Well today I had a chance to get to the post office and pick up a couple of packages – the first was from my knittyboard Rut Bustin’ Sock Swap partner, who turned out to be Bad Amy!

The outside of the box had pictures of people knitting – one even wearing yarn on her head! The whole thing before unwrapping the little individual packages:

The Thelonious pattern, treats for the furry residents of my household, and star beads – I’m really going to find an occasion to wear those in public!

And after some unwrapping I found these lovely goodies:

The sheep tape measure is just adorable, and I can never have enough tape measures as they seem to always get (temporarily) lost. I find them, stockpile them on my dresser, then take them every time I can’t find one in my bag. Eventually I go through older knitting projects and bags I don’t use frequently and look under the bed and find them all again.

The Toblerone brings me great joy since I have always longed for one. Now, don’t laugh, I’m being totally serious here! I have had the chance to taste Toblerone before, I’ve had small pieces of other peoples’ and I think I had a few mini ones once. However I have never had my very own full size Toblerone, and I look at them and think about how I want one every time I see one in the store! Apparently at those times I always decide to ‘be good’ and I don’t ever buy them.

There’s also some Mandarin body scrub, a little peanut butter chocolate nubbin, and a new kind of chai to add to my collection.

And now the yarn you’ve been waiting for:

Both of these beauties are Fleece Artist mill ends.

The purpose of the swap was to send yarn that busted the recipients “sock rut” – my rut is blue, in case you didn’t know. 😉 I think my pal managed to do this quite well and still send yarn that I love!

And a teaser for next time… I got my Taste of Germany package!

What? I never said I didn’t like my blue rut!

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