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Wow, I have a fan club?

In the wee hours of this morning, my dear friend MJ sent me a message on Ravelry to inform me of something I never would have dreamed…

Apparently I have a fan club. I totally thought she started it, but she didn’t. A person I don’t even know in real life started a fan club for me! Quite the ego boost. But I didn’t join because, well, that just seems conceited.

Well, my fan club and maybe even the rest of you will be happy to hear that I have a few new patterns in the works, and hopefully a couple of them will be out in the next couple of months. And there’s another one that’s all done in theory, but I really need to get around to knitting up one of these days…

Since I can’t show pictures of any of that, here’s one of my current socks in progress:


The pattern is Nebula and the yarn is Three Fates Knitting. It’s a sample sock for Sock Summit, and I think it’s turning out beautifully.

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Horcrux Twin Socks!

Way back in March, right before moving away from Salem, I started making twin Horcrux Socks with Eloise in our Harry Potter Draco yarn from our mini yarn crawl to Twisted. And today I finally finished them!


Pattern: Horcrux Socks
Yarn: Opal Harry Potter in Draco
Started: 3/1/09
Finished: 7/4/09
.26 miles for a total of 2.29 in Sock Marathon

Although the Harry Potter yarns are an exciting idea, I didn’t really like most of the colors. But blues and greys, though a bit boring, aren’t bad. One weird thing was that after my psycho efforts to match the stripes exactly, they get all wonky after the heel. But there wasn’t a knot! Just all of a sudden the order of the stripes changed! Strange but true.

So I’ve joined Summer of Socks, because it’s summer and I’m planning to knit socks as I usually do. I’ve decided that my first goal will be to finish all my sock-WIPs this summer, this is 1 of 9 1/2.

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I have 22 WIPs on my Ravelry page. In truth, I only have 20 because 2 of those are actually design projects that are complete, but that I haven’t marked as FOs because I like to wait til I can show pictures. In this case I might have to bend that rule.

I go through phases of casting on, I’ll start many *many* projects and I’ll work on them all a little bit at a time – or at least a good portion of the projects, there are a few that have been lonely a while. Then finally I’ll finish them, and it will look very impressive like I finish a lot of things at once. That is a trick.

Here are a few pictures, mostly of ones that I seem to be lacking photographs for entirely.


I started the Horcrux socks as twin socks with Eloise back in Salem I think. The yarn is the Harry Potter Opal in Draco.


These are some plain socks I promised to Snarfy because the yarn color scares me, and apparently she finds it “OMG hot!” I was happy to relinquish it to her, but since I haven’t used this brand of yarn before – Dashing Dachs, if you’re curious – I thought I should actually knit the socks myself.

And for something a little different… one sock!

nebula L

Yes, I started my other Nebula, which is something of a minor miracle since when I knit socks one at a time they generally take me years to complete. The DPNs are also a trick – I believe I cannibalized the needles for another more pressing project. 😮

There’s another project which I’ll likely be finishing Saturday, so I’ll just save that one til then…

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Dear USPS,

Today I got a lovely card from my Valentine’s Day swap pal.


Isn’t that panda adorable? It’s a pop-up card! She says hi and tells me that there’s more to come – I can’t wait. 😀

I also received a second envelope from the USPS:


Click to embiggen if you can’t read it.

Now, I see two problems with this situation.

#1 (noted in red) – The collection envelope states there is 34 cents postage on the envelope, when there is very clearly $1.

#2 (noted in purple) – My SP went into the post office and had a postal worker weigh and put the postage on this envelope – that is apparent from the kind of label which is on it. I know, I spend lots of time at the post office, and even the label from the APC is not like that. So even if there *is* 34 cents postage due, that is not my fault and not my SP’s fault!

Sorry USPS, you’re just going to have to eat that 34 cents since it was your own mistake. After being incredulous, I was actually quite amused by this. Thanks SP for inadvertently giving me some extra amusement today.

Now, let me say that overall our postal system is very good. I know that, and I appreciate it. Sure, packages get lost. Sure, they keep raising the rates. But on the whole we have an efficient and affordable postal system, and I’m glad it works as well as it does. But this? This is just silly! 😛

And yes, this post is only very tangentially related to knitting. Sorry. Um, look, socks!


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Sock Madness: Round 2

Round 2 of Sock Madness was a pattern called Reversai. It’s a totally reversible sock with a knit/purl stitch pattern on the cuff, a garter stitch short row heel, and a garter stitch sole.

I picked up my Yarn Pirate BFL in Solstice:


And I knit:


Did I mention they released the pattern on Monday morning? I’ve worked every day since then and I arrived home from work today to find that I’m out. In truth I was a bit relieved. I wasn’t enjoying knitting these at all.

Now is when I should mention that the photos above were taken in the opposite of the order posted. The socks knit over 72 stitches – even on size 1 needles – were going to be way too big. I also really dislike the way short row heels fit on my feet, and I can’t imagine ever wearing a sock with a garter stitch sole. No thank you! The yarn was just too pretty to waste, especially since you can’t see the stitch pattern at all.

This leaves some needles and yarn free for endeavors I’m likely to enjoy more. :)

I’ll probably knit more of the patterns, but only if they are something I *want* to knit.

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No New Yarn In March!

Earlier this month I decided to pledge not to buy any yarn in March. Next month will be a big one for me with my birthday, my trip to Seattle and subsequent yarn crawl, and sock camp. Eep! But I knew that March was a month when I could be good and avoid yarn purchases. And I’ve succeeded – yes I know that tomorrow is still March, but I promise not to buy any yarn tomorrow either. Of course I did still receive sock yarn from the Rockin’ Sock Club, but that was purchased previously.

As for the knitting, there has been quite a bit of it this month but I haven’t finished a lot. In fact as I type this entry there are four pairs of socks in progress sitting on my desk. 😮

I did do quite a bit on my Undulating Rib socks in the Flat Feet. The yarn is still fine to work with for me, and the socks are coming out much like socks with any other hand dyed yarn. I think if the flat had been one of the more “artistically” painted ones that might not be the case, but as it was – three vertical stripes – it was quite like what a hank of that given size would be if you dyed it in the skein.


As you can see it’s knitting up in the spirally pattern that’s common in handpainted yarn. Very pretty though! Also I think my stitches look a little less even than when I’m knitting with yarn that comes in a more normal (skeined) put-up. I’m sure that will block out just fine.

I think this stitch pattern lends itself well to close ups:


Now back to knitting!

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Knitting Pink

I arrived home on Wednesday to find some pink yarn in my mailbox.

The yarn was from MJ for me to test knit the socks she’s designing. Yep, she’s come to take away my niche and has started designing socks too. 😉

See, pink ribbing! Oh, come on, you didn’t really think I was going to show you anything secret did you? The California Socks in progress snuck into the picture too. They’re actually getting a bit of attention after every few rows of the pink socks to give my hands and brain a bit of a rest.

Then because I can never have enough sock WIPs… I cast on for the Sockamania Simply Cables socks in Socks That Rock Lightweight in Blue Brick Wall. I’ve had this yarn sitting on my shelf for a while now because I wasn’t totally convinced that I loved it. But then… I wound it into a ball:

Look at that blue beauty!

I also have a goal to spin more this month – I’m trying for at least 8 hours of spinning in March. So far I have 0 hours done and all these socks probably won’t help…

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January Goals

I’ve done pretty well on my goals for January. After going through my goals posts from the end of 2007 and beginning of 2008 I’ve figured my goals are the following:

1. Reduce the stash
2. Try new yarns (from the stash)
3. Knit more Rockin’ Sock Club socks
4. Knit a sweater
5. Finish old WIPs

So in January I did the following:

1. I bought 500g of yarn – all sock yarn – during the month of January. This includes sock clubs which I purchased last year but which arrived this year. I knit 200g from the stash. Not too shabby, almost all of it was sock clubs and “holiday” yarn purchases. Since I returned home to reside with my stash, I’m doing very well. 😉

2. I succeeded in this by trying the Panda Cotton (which I bought on my holiday trip) and Inspinknity. The Panda Cotton socks were started in December, so Inspinknity is my official January New Yarn.

3. I started my newest RSC package as soon as it arrived and I’ve made good progress so far. The yarn is wound and ready for Marble Arches as my February RSC sock.

4. No progress on the sweater yet.

5. I finished the Olympia socks this month, which were technically a 2007 WIP. I did frog Canal du Midi and make good progress on the California socks. I also found and made minimal progress on Mystic Sea – I intend to work more on those this month and finish them before sock camp in April for sure.

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Socks in all stages

I woke up this morning and looked out the window to see this:

Ok, so that’s not exactly true. I knew we were expecting lots of snow so I woke up when my alarm went off, called the weather emergency line, learned that work was closed, went back to sleep for an hour, woke up again and *then* looked out the window.

Now for the knitting:

I finished these socks last night.

Pattern: Ripples – the November pattern from Sockamania
Yarn: Yarn Pirate in Plum Gorgeous
Started: 11/23/07
Finished: 1/13/08

I’ve also decided that in 2008 I want to end the year without any of my 2007 (and earlier!) WIPs still on the needles. The one possible exception being the “fun blanket” since that’s just something I work on when I feel like it, and it’s intended to be a really long-term project. So that leaves the following (oldest to newest):

Hush Hush
Cabled Scarf
Mystic Sea Socks
California Socks
Baby Norgi
November Mystery Socks

So on that note:

Out with the old…

Bye Canal du Midi socks. I know I said I would knit you for Rachel, but you have been haunting me for so long now it really isn’t funny. What, 18 months or so? I just hate knitting you so much! Besides, I have a feeling you would be too small anyway. Instead I will pick another less crazy-inducing pattern and finally knit her the promised socks.

…and in with the new!

Hello BFF socks! I told Cathy I would knit her some socks with her cursed Koigu a while back, and you seem like a good choice. In fact, yesterday was her birthday so I took the opportunity to start you then!

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Contest, and some more holiday knitting

Hey family members, are you still staying away from my blog? I sure hope so!

First off, the contest: I did not hear from Cindy so I’ve given up and I’m declaring a tie – Amanda from myonlysunshine and weezalana both guessed October 31st for the 100th sock finish. If the two of you could contact me I’ll let you know the deal on your handknit-by-me socks. :)

In a bit of randomness, while I was visiting Cathy this weekend I finally remembered to take a picture of her ceiling. It is rather amazing.

It looks like someone went a little crazy with the spackle meringues and the glitter.

I didn’t remember to get any pictures of Monkee’s visit *or* me wearing my Rogue *or* WEBS *or* me wearing my York, however. (Yeah, I know, I am really bad at the picture taking thing.)

I have been doing some knitting – here’s a holiday gift in progress:

I’ve still got a ways to go but… um… I’m flying on Friday, that gives me a lot of plane knitting time, right? (I have a feeling my mom might get half a stocking in a box.)

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