For the third post in our Three Fates Design Challenge, Cory and I are talking about photography and aesthetics. You can see Cory’s post about it here.

My aesthetic isn’t something I think about much. I don’t have a way that I describe it, I just know what I like.

For a long time all my patterns were socks, which I think had a big influence on my pattern photography. One thing which I really dislike is when socks are photographed in big full body pictures and the details of the sock itself aren’t visible. For my primary pattern photo I tend to use a fairly close shot of my knitted item with a relatively plain background.


Photo by Brian Presley, from Garnish

That said, I do appreciate more “fun” shots, but I find it can be hard to strike a balance. I love this photo of Intercalate, but to be honest it isn’t the best example of the details of the sock.

on the works
Photo by Louise Conway

More recently, I’ve expanded into designing other accessories. For my non-sock patterns, I had to use a slightly different strategy. Cowls look best on a model, and photos which are shot very close don’t necessarily look as good as those with a little more background. Also, as time has gone by I think I have grown even more fond of photos with a bit more interest in the background. Untitled
Photo by Heidi Bruns from Silver Falls

As for my aesthetic, I strongly prefer outdoor photos. In fact, I’m a bit obsessed with photos that involve nature, and Seattle is a place with a lot of natural beauty to take advantage of. This has nothing to do with the knitted item itself, which could be shown very well in an indoor shot with a plain background. I think, in the end, that I want my pattern photos to be pretty pictures in their own right and also to be good photos of the knitting project.