Thanks everyone for the scarf suggestions. It got me thinking and looking, and I decided on one which no one mentioned. It is, however, in Scarf Style which Toby mentioned. That got me looking through the book where I found the Here and There Cables (Ravelry link) scarf. It’s just what I was looking for – something with a lot of textural interest that is also reversible. I might take out one repeat and make the scarf a narrower, though.

There were also a couple of other topics in the comments, which I decided to revisit. By “not boring” I meant I didn’t want it to be boring-looking. I’m actually perfectly happy knitting boring stuff because it allows me to pay attention to a movie, and I have a very long Netflix queue. (And Ravelry queue, for that matter, good thing they’re complementary.)

Patterns like Monkey and Jaywalker are probably so popular for just this reason – they’re relatively easy to knit, but produce nice non-boring socks. My current one is a modified version of the Gentleman’s Shooting Stockings from Knitting Vintage Socks.

Shooting Stockings

It’s a simple textured pattern, but it adds some interest to this yarn. Although if I had known originally that the yarn was stripey, I might have done something a little less fancy. In any case, I think they’re turning out well.

Shooting Stockings - macro

The closeup of the stitch pattern is a little blurry, sadly winter light isn’t great for taking photos.

And thanks to Cindiluhu and Chris for validating my sock-knitterness. The truth is that I want to knit other things. I’m not planning on stopping the sock knitting – not even close! But I do want to knit a few things that aren’t socks. And the actual process of knitting a sock vs. a sweater doesn’t make that much of a difference to me. The problem is more that when I go to cast on a new project I don’t grab the yarn for that sweater I want to knit, I grab more sock yarn. (There’s a lot of it, it’s in exciting colors, I don’t have to swatch!) But I *do* want a Ribby Cardi and a new scarf, so I should really get to knitting them.

As for sock leftovers… I have tons. This problem is compounded by the fact that I have small feet. I was actually thinking I should find someone with a loom and get them to weave me a scarf with black yarn for the warp and stripes of all my crazy sock yarn leftovers. I think it would be cool! Maybe in exchange for a pair of socks… 😉