Ok, I admit it. I’ve been buying yarn.

I feel kind of silly, my stash is ginormous and I joined the Sock Stash Elimination Campaign, and then I went and bought sock yarn.

It all started with some yarn that Catherine bought at Rhinebeck, Ancient Threads – I was desperate to get some but I hadn’t seen the booth while I was there – and it’s so beautiful and naturally dyed. Well we thought they didn’t have a website, but it turns out they do! One of them contacted us to let us know and I went and bought some beautiful naturally dyed sock yarn. I can’t wait to get it!

Then to continue with the madness, Blue Moon came out with the Raven colors. Now I’ve been not-so-patiently waiting for these since I first saw the banner about them on the front page because the yarn picture there (Rook-y, I’m pretty sure) was a yarn colorway that I had imagined a while back and was on a quest to find. Well, now it’s out!

And then maybe, just maybe, I might have gotten some Buffy yarn from White Oak Studios.

I’m so bad…

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