This post is part of the Three Fates Design Challenge with Cory of indie.knits. You can see Cory’s post on color here.

I don’t know that I’ve ever really thought of myself as someone who is skilled at picking color combinations, but I have definitely chosen some nice ones over time.


There are rules and methods, and I don’t follow any of them. I just pick two (or more) colors that I think look good together, and put them together.

I’m a fan of pairing neutral colors with bright ones, usually black, charcoal, or grey with bright turquoise, green, or pink. Lately, as you can see in the Martinmas Shawl above, I’ve been liking the dark grey & blue combination. It’s also Three Fates Yarns, (MOCC and woodsmoke), and quite similar to my combination for the Three Fates Design Challenge.


Although I’m not a fan of knitting stranded colorwork, I do like stripes and blocks of color. A little hint about the design to come.