As some of you may remember, MJ and I have this twin sock thing. We get the same yarn, we knit the same socks (seriously, down to the number of repeats or rows of cuff ribbing!) and then we wear them 2002 miles away from each other. I Google mapped it. One time our twin socks even got to meet!

Well, here’s the latest pair:

May 4

Pattern: Twists and Turns by me!
Yarn: ShibuiKnits Sock in Sky
Started: 11/16/09
Finished: 5/3/10

This is only the second time I’ve knit this pattern – the first one was, of course, for the sample in the book. I still like it. :)

I finished them at knitting group last night, which I think may be the first time I’ve ever finished a project there. I was forced to pull out my backup project – it was great!

So now that these poor neglected socks are done, it’s time for the next pair of twin socks. These ones were unintentional, since I got the yarn from a club and MJ got it as a gift, but it is indeed the same yarn, so why not twin socks?

I think most knitters have had a yarn that just wouldn’t work. You couldn’t find a project, or when you did it never worked out, or maybe you just hated it… Well, I love this yarn. The color is lovely but the past two projects just haven’t been right. First I tried to make Reversai for Sock Madness in April 2008 – the yarn and the pattern were just a bad match, so I frogged them.

Then they developed a new destiny… the Anastasia socks, which I still want to make… someday. They were just too big and I’m really not a fan of knitting socks toe-up.

But there’s no motivation like MJ, so now they’re going to begin a new life as twin socks, with a twisted 1×1 rib cuff and otherwise just stockinette. Hopefully this one will stick.