Well, it has come to my attention that the year is almost over. In fact, I got my STR club package and it was the last package and I think that’s when it really hit me. Um, 2007 is practically over! (You think the fact that it’s December and I am frantically trying to finish this knitted Christmas item would have clued me in, but I guess not.)

Right! Well, I was just talking to Catherine about knitting resolutions for next year. This year I didn’t really start with any resolutions. I did pledge to try to buy only 1/3 of the yarn I used. I didn’t completely succeed with that, but I did use more yarn than I bought this year, which I think is pretty good.

In April I decided to knit all of the socks from Knitting Vintage Socks , which I’m still working on. But I never said I would do it this year, and it hasn’t been a year since April quite yet anyway.

So what about knitting goals for 2008? Well I do want to continue working to get the stash under control. I also would like to work on trying more of the different types of yarn that I have in the stash. As much as I want to try new yarns, I tend to knit with the same ones over and over.

I was thinking it might be fun to do a little sort of “sock club” with my stash – maybe throw skeins of yarn in brown bags and write months on them blindly and then open one each month and force myself to cast on socks with it. That would be interesting…

I also want to knit a sweater in 2008. Maybe start my Rhinebeck sweater a little more than two weeks ahead of time. 😉 I have yarn for a couple of sweaters that I’ve been thinking about knitting for a good while but haven’t actually started yet – the two foremost in my mind being the Ribby Cardi and this Adrienne Vittadini sweater. Well, that and Durrow.

Now back to the grindstone – I’ll keep brainstorming about knitting goals for the new year.