Remember this tragedy? Well yesterday I got another pair of socks from Jenneke. Or, rather, I got a pair of socks, but it was the second pair she sent.

In any case, they are amazing!

I snapped a few pics this morning before leaving for work as it was about 20 degrees and I wanted to wear my brand new socks. :)

The yarn is Merino-Alpaca from Natural Dye Studio, and they have a twined heel:

They’re so so pretty, super soft and comfy too! Thank you!

Also the fleece seems to be a hot topic – it is my Rhinebeck fleece. I bought it while I was there – you can read about it here. I got a colored fleece so I could dye over it to make heathery yarn, so I do plan to try that. I’m not sure how much yarn I’ll get out of it, but it’s about 5-6 pounds of fiber so probably a lot. I guess that will depend on what weight(s) I spin it at too. I am going to make at least one pair of socks from it, of course.

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